ESDS Web Hosting Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing is one of the primary methods of promotion used by a number of web hosting companies because it provides them with a steady stream of customers without the need for them to pay anything out until a sale has been made. Affiliate marketing is a form of passive promotion as the promotion itself is done by the affiliates of a web hosting company as in order for them to make money, they first have to achieve a sale meaning that it is down to them to promote the hosting company in their own way or by using promotional banners and content provided by the companies that they are an affiliate of.

For professional web marketers, affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money because they have the skills required to setup a website and promote it effectively through search engines; as a beginner it is important for you to pick up on the core SEO skills if you wish to be successful with affiliate marketing because you want your affiliate websites to achieve the highest search engine ranking possible. The amount that is paid out on a sale will depend on the web hosting company that you are promoting along with the product that is sold; the commission structures used will differ between web hosting companies, with some opting to use a flat structure which pays out the same amount of commission for each sale, whereas others may use a tiered system that will pay out commission based on the pricing bracket that the value of the sale falls into – others simply prefer to pay out a certain percentage of each sale. Starting with affiliate marketing is free, but in order to be successful you need to be prepared to put in time and effort to achieve the desired results.

Why should I consider starting affiliate marketing?

Starting affiliate marketing is one way in which you can provide yourself with an additional income with the need for relatively little work; some of the benefits to affiliate marketing include:

  • Discounted web hosting services – as an affiliate of a web hosting company, you will have access to coupon codes and other discounts that you can market as part of your affiliate promotion efforts, but if you wish to then you can also use these discounts to obtain more affordable web hosting services for yourself if needs be – although any web hosting provider that you are looking to be an affiliate of should already be offering affordable hosting to some extent as for many people the cost of a web hosting plan is usually one of the sticking points and can impact on their final decision, but if you are in a position to offer additional discounts on what can already be classed as affordable web hosting services then as an affiliate you are more likely to achieve sales with the more expensive web hosting services offered by companies that you are looking to promote, therefore providing you with an opportunity to receive high commissions on these products because the whole purpose of affiliate marketing is for you to make the most of your skills by aiming to make the most sales and receiving the highest levels of commission – if you are also running a separate business then discounted web hosting services will provide you with an opportunity to perform an affordable expansion of your web presence
  • SEO campaigns – affiliate marketing will provide webmasters with an opportunity to expand their knowledge of SEO as affiliate marketing is simply a case of who can perform the best SEO in order to have their affiliate websites ranked highly in search engine listings – for most situations there is a particular way in which SEO should be performed and as there are many different methods that can be used to improve a website’s position in search engine listings, it can be of benefit to fine-tune these skills so that you are able to develop an effective formula that you can apply to all of your future projects – learning effective SEO is a necessity as a web developer or webmaster because success in search engines is a key factor to receiving high visitor numbers, which as an affiliate marketer you want to be achieving from the start
  • Source of income – once you have your affiliate websites setup and you have begun the SEO process, you will only need to perform regular maintenance with the content to make sure that the information you are offering is up-to-date, effectively meaning that affiliate websites can generate income for you without you having to do much – a majority of web hosting companies will pay their affiliates on a monthly basis meaning that you can easily provide yourself with multiple monthly incomes if you become an affiliate of multiple companies as opposed to choosing to promote just one web hosting company.

How can I setup an affiliate websites?

To begin with you will need to sign up for the affiliate schemes of the relevant web hosting companies so that you are able to obtain an affiliate link that you can send potential customers to; this link will log a cookie on the visitor’s computer so that the web hosting company knows that you have referred that visitor, therefore meaning that many sales made here will be recorded under your affiliate account. It is important to note that an affiliate link is unique to each affiliate and are designed to ensure that sales can be accurately tracked so that the correct commission is paid each month.

An affiliate website should be formed around the content that you are going to develop for it because it is this content that you will be using to sell a web hosting provider to potential customers. As you want to convert the visitors to your website into affiliate sales, content should be updated on a regular basis and you should make a point of any discounts or promotions that a web hosting company may have on that could be of potential interest to your visitors.

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