Cloud Environment for Internet of Things – A Technology Revolution?

Cloud Environment for Internet of Things


Internet of things (IoT) is the current hit everywhere setting a history in IT industry.  Cloud computing is penetrating its way presenting as a powerful processing base for internet of things. Cloud computing and IoT are going to be a way further than the present-day context. The question that is fore mostly asked is why Cloud computing for Internet of things? Well, both of the technologies are here to stay (By stay I mean, there is no way out) and Cloud will provide IoT with new heights to explore.

Current scenario

Today IoT is trending from enterprises to domestic to public applications and it’s going to be more pervasive in impending period. IoT needs smart sensors; mobility, strong compute and analysis power on the other hand cloud enables mobility and is in it a matured and secured technology, this futures a amalgamation of both these technologies a perfect combination for spawning immense potential of IoT, especially when debate on security of IoT has polarized. IoT in Cloud environment will make it significantly safer.

Purpose of Cloud

Cloud endows IoT with the foundation of strong compute power as mentioned before and can really make it more flexible, mobile and strong by providing many other additional benefits. Cloud makes IoT Platform as a service possible and can provide a common backend environment for different intelligent things under IoT. Cloud computing services will enable a centralized platform, with which IoT could gain easy interoperability, centralized management and flexibility.

This could be well understood with this most heard good example, IoT implementation for a smart house. Smart parking, smart lighting, smart devices frames a smart house. If individual smart things in house are connected together, it will increase the cost of interoperability and the computing power required for mutual management will increase making it complex in functionality. On the other hand if Smart house is enabled in cloud environment see the benefits that would be empowered:

  1. All smart things in house would share common storage and computing resources with Cloud environment, this will reduce complexities.
  2. Cloud environment with centralized management will increase interoperability and would reduce costs.
  3. Compute power will be utilized resourcefully and operating time will be reduced with efficient response time.
  4. Secured environment with Cloud, ensuring complete privacy of data and many other benefits would make a Cloud Environment cheer for IoT.


In near future you would find IoT is certain to evolve together with Cloud and this will pave a new way for cloud service providers too. Get ready for a day when your parking sensors will sense your car and will trigger your parking lights and lobby lights. With Mobile you could manage your Home electronics devices like warm your food in oven before you reach home, control your house temperature before you enter, further, all these things will get so smart that they will operate mutually without your intervention leaving you carefree and comfortable life. IoT in Cloud Environment will change your Life!

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