Pre Cloud approach with stages of cloud adoption

Pre Cloud approach with stages of cloud adoption

Stages of Cloud Adoption

Cloud computing is a mature industry as far as current eminence is considered. Inspite of Cloud maturity, it happens to be seen that some doubts still persists, boggling heads of many organizations when it comes to the Cloud adoption. According to the Gartner’s prediction 2015 for public cloud services adoption, its growth will get more than stabilized by 2018 and it will reach in Asia-pacific region to $7.4b this year.

Pre Cloud approach

No doubt that Cloud has bright future ahead. The simple thing that we can instill to make our heads doubt free for Cloud adoption is the correct approach and planning. Myth is that Cloud is for only Start-ups or only for well set up organizations, No! Cloud is for everyone and anyone. If you are confused with numerous questions concerning Cloud, here is the 5WH approach of Cloud that needs to be considered before its adoption.

Detailed analysis of requirements and figure out of implementation is must, which would lead to solutions for early skeptical beliefs and would floor a way towards easy implementation; this can be considered as initial stage for Cloud adoption or ground zero stage. Further are actual implementation stages that are considered once the decision gets clear.

3 stages of Cloud adoption

After weaving proper pre cloud approach that contains clarification of doubts, research, planning and sketch out of what needs to be done, we need to consider correct stages to headway towards successful taking on of Cloud.

1. Correct strategy for adoption

For appropriate cloud adoption, very first stage is sketching out a proper plan or strategy that would go together with your Pre-Cloud approach that is, with your pre cloud planning. Now what should be done in this stage? Plan for optimized cloud, Set out your limits and budgets, turn to the checklist of your requirements for Cloud, Consult Cloud experts, Talk freely to the chosen Cloud provider for your required side and costs, choose a proven strategy that would fit in and check for ROI, ultimatum would be a complete model that would fit in your budgets and provide with all required.

2. Check for Provider assets and flexibility

After planning your cloud model, it is necessary to check for cloud service providers’ infrastructural assets and condition along with certifications. Data center assets with secure and state-of-the-art facilities must be the ideal choice for selecting provider. Flexibility of services and utilization by Cloud service providers like provided by eNlight Cloud is another key consideration that must be checked.

3. Adoption and optimization

Final stage is adoption and optimization, optimization of cloud can be well put forth by considering scalable cloud services, which provides optimized use of cloud and charges according to the pay-as-you-go model. Disaster recovery and business continuity plans must be updated to full proof your business. Check with your provider for the same.

A noteworthy consideration is that these stages are well tailored for startups as well as for the existing enterprises and both can benefit maximum from it.

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