cloud computing trend india 2018

What Cloud Computing is going to be primed with in 2018?

cloud computing trend india 2018

Top IT research studies and market intelligence organizations have placed the ‘Cloud’ on the top of the list of ‘technologies of the future’. The year 2017 saw business leaders across various industries increasingly adopt cloud technology because they understood that it helps solve real challenges like teams working better together, data becoming useful to make smart decisions and companies creating new values to stay competitive.

In the year 2018 adoption of cloud technology will no longer remain an afterthought, but will be considered imperative from ground up. The drift will continue and companies that haven’t considered using the cloud yet, what you read here might make you change your mind…

According to a survey conducted by CISCO and IDC, 6,100 organizations in 31 countries — which is almost 68% of organizations — are now using public, private or hybrid cloud in their IT operations. In 2015, this number was 48%. This trend has influenced thousands of CIOs to prioritize hosted computing and cloud data storage. They are now approaching the shift as a progressive journey rather than a frenzied rush to outpace their competition.

Trending In Cloud

  1. Multi-cloud strategies will be adopted

Some workloads run better on one cloud platform while other workloads achieve higher performance and lower cost on another platform. By adopting a multi-cloud strategy, companies are able to choose best-in-class technologies and services from different cloud providers to create the best possible solution for a business. In 2018, IT managers will learn this better and juggle their different workloads among various cloud environments.

ESDS’ eNlight Public Cloud can be an integral part of any company’s multi-cloud strategy. It is a patented and specially engineered intelligent cloud computing architecture that gives you the right cloud infrastructure, perfectly pooled resources and round-the-clock technical support to run your business enterprise dynamically.

  1. IoT coupled with cloud will spell the future

Internet of Things is a vast arena that is changing the way people understood the Internet. Smart Cities across the world are depending on the cloud and IoT to generate, process and store data from various sensors. IoT will essentially drive the core intelligence for Smart Cities, it has been predicted by several IT thought leaders. For companies, IoT technologies will rapidly accelerate the transformation of industrial factories into software-defined factories where collected and stored IoT data is understood analyzed and leveraged better to improve efficiency.

IoT will also play a huge part in improving lives of commoners. It has the power to change our world, say many. Everyone from commuters, farmers, housewives, fitness enthusiasts and others will benefit greatly from sensor-based devices that can spread across the entire city including homes, commute stations, buildings, vehicles, offices and a many more places. Though an exponential rise is expected, but it will spread over the next decade and 2018 will mark a steady growth IoT wise.

ESDS’ eNlight IoT will be of great assistance to companies planning to leverage the technology. It is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. An increasing fear in the arena on IoT has always been security which doesn’t remain a concern with eNlight IoT platform uses access keys system and all messaging is encrypted using HTTPS. Its MQTT broker also has a secure and authorization method for sending data to and fro from device to cloud.

  1. Cloud catalyses the Internet Of Everything

2017 has been a year of cloud technology pushing forward and integrating with Internet of Things and this trend will go beyond 2018 as well but in 2018, cloud will also bring Internet of Everything to the forefront. IoE is the smart connection of people, process, data and things. Cloud will help simplify the complex process of IoE which means that people will enjoy more intelligent interactions with devices connected to a network. It will also pave the way for richer communications between people.

  1. Companies incorporating AI will have the edge

The 2018 cloud trends look to take analytics to the next level driven by artificial intelligence (AI). According to several researches AI only accounts for 1% of the global cloud computing market, but its share of the IT market is growing by 52% and in 2018 it will grow by leaps and bounds.

Artificial Intelligence coupled with cloud computing has transformed the way people interact with the Internet and data storage. Various features of AI such as Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation are expected to evolve in 2018. AI will aid companies organizations achieve higher customer satisfaction levels with chatbots which will be the key differentiating factor for enterprises to keep that crucial connect with their customers and remain engaged.

Similarly, AI will also effect individuals in various ways. With the push of IoT, AI will also be elevated to better human life. There will be more communication with chatbots in 2018 which will bring ease in the area of product assistance and application. This will also help leverage the companies’ resources as well as cut overheads.

  1. Adoption of Blockchain Technology

2018 is primed to be a year for emerging technologies like Blockchain whose mystery is sure to be solved. Fintech companies and other security-conscious enterprises have been eyeing the technology since a long time, hoping it will usher in an era of automated, efficient and fraud-free record-keeping and transaction systems. Moving away from cryptocurrencies, Blockchain essentially uses as a public ledger among trusted individuals which is tamper-proof and is expected to be adopted across several segments including government, banks, healthcare, supply chain industries like automotive and retail apart from others. Its impact on common life will also be seen in 2018 or later. However, creating and managing this Blockchain will be a challenge that only experienced organization like ESDS that has pioneered a lot of allied technologies in cloud computing can overcome.


In spite of a huge influx in the market of cloud service providers in 2017, 2018 is going to be about those who make the cut and manage to raise their head over the brimming competition. This can only happen with quality service and post-delivery accessibility which companies like ESDS provide.

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