Cloud Computing For All

The term “cloud computing solutions” has been widely discussed by market researchers and trends in information technology. For many, it means a new technology or even architecture for the consumption of services over the internet. But its significance is much broader, and is not restricted to the use of technology, software, hardware or platform.

When we speak about “cloud”, we are not discussing about a new technology or architecture, but a new form of delivery of information technology to reduce costs, better utilization of resources through rational use and demand.

The pillars of this new form of delivery are determined by the use of structures already known:

SaaS – Way of delivering software as services based on the rental of software through a service provider, the Internet or dedicated connection. Provides streamlined licensing costs of software and support, can be hired for periods of use;

PaaS – Form of delivery of the software development platform through standards. Can manage the entire development cycle, ensuring the testing, approval and entry into production of the product developed. You can also support the operation execution of administrative routines and coordinate updates of the platform;

IaaS – Form of delivery of the hardware platform such as servers, storage, networking and implementation of various other technologies that can provide high availability, scalability and security.

The set of structures that conceptualize cloud computing can provide opportunities for review of business and management processes for a large number of companies. Especially for those who have no budget to invest in solutions with high maintenance costs – due to specialized professionals, new platforms or adequate infrastructure.

The middle market may be one of the main consumers of this model due to the cost of software, the use of management processes and information technology and well-defined business models that can be implemented with low fitness.

For companies that do not clear processes or integration between their applications “cloud” should both improve their business processes to enable performance improvement and analysis, providing visibility. For them, the adoption of solutions and business processes has great impact on performance and results.

The cloud computing is a new delivery model, which determines the rational use of resources and on-demand infrastructure, hardware platform, software and applications.


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