Understanding Web 2.0, 3.0 And Cloud Computing

At the beginning of the internet, we had access to e-mails, all concepts were new to those who depended on post offices, telephones (we called the first phase).

A rapid change in the era of Information technology always keeps on growing and is always bringing new changes in Computer in the Cloud, SaaS, Web 3.0 and now, Cloud computing is a trend which is integral to Web 2.0 which bring all sorts of user data as well as operating systems online and this makes it unnecessary to use storage devices enabling content sharing platform with web access.

Some Advantages Of This Trend Are:

  • In most cases the user does not have to worry about the operating system and hardware that is being¬† used.
  • The corporate job and file sharing become easier, since all the information is in the same “place“, or the “cloud computing solutions“;

It is easy to imagine that we came from a generation of services. The difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 is that, with the concept of the web as a platform, involving applications in social networks, and IT, this term is new for the web and just because of that, it is hard to update the technical specifications, but a change in how it is perceived by users and developers is an environment for interaction and participation which today encompasses numerous languages and call the second phase.

Now we are in the era of stage or semantic web where we intend to make use of networks in an intelligent manner, approaching the world of artificial intelligence.

What Can We Find In Web 3.0?

  • Searching Information
  • Compilation of information processing
  • Presentations of all kinds of information and knowledge of Information Technology.

We understand the critical success factors in this new environment are absolutely linked to the simplicity, applicability, usability among others. In these 3 aspects even the WEB 3.0., the question is whether the opportunities created by new technologies will bring clear results and applicability to justify a new wave on Internet or not.


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