CIOs Veto Power to Auto-Scale Multi-Dimensionally & Infinitely with eNlight Cloud Platform

The quick growth to rank and raise cloud management techniques and means have formed massive opportunities for companies of all sizes and industries.

By embracing a robust cloud management solution that is capable of managing everything right from cloud orchestration, scaling, support to management and monitoring of IT and non IT assets; enterprises can enhance their ability, add new proficiency, increase flexibility and reduce the service expenditure. There are a number of tools that are present in the market today which offer scaling, monitoring, support, etc. but can they be called a self-sufficient Cloud Management Solution, and are they capable of scaling as well?

The answer to this question is probably not.

A report generated in 2017 by Forbes predicts that ‘more than 60 per cent of enterprise owners have set aside capitals to purchase extra storage space in order to enable them to manage enormous amount of data that would be created in the years to come’. This proves that enterprises have planned to move to public and private clouds.

With the adoption of eNlight Cloud Platform, all essential business goals of any organization can be accomplished with minimal efforts. In this world of cloud, one of the biggest features is the ability to scale and businesses these days demand auto scalable resources. A business demand like this can also be achieved by using eNlight Cloud and enterprises can expect to remain competitive in the years to come.

While most key cloud providers talk about scaling, eNlight cloud platform talks about usage scaling. ESDS’ eNlight cloud management portal enables provisioning of resources such as RAM, CPU and bandwidth allocated dynamically. All the resources allocated are scaled up or down only when required. eNlight is intelligent enough to proactively generate reports and billing of the resources actually used. Scaling resources up or down is decided based on the load situation, automatically.

Here’s how eNlight cloud supports scalability:

eNlight is a high-potential US & UK patented cloud platform and auto scalability is a unique feature of eNlight Cloud orchestration software. Basically, there are three types of scaling approaches, namely- Horizontal, Vertical and Multi-Dimensional scaling.

Leaders at ESDS and the master minds behind eNlight Cloud claim that eNlight is one of the most unique offerings with multi-dimensional scalability in the market today.

eNlight Cloud has the capability to scale VM resources automatically and on the fly. The resources of a VM are scaled between the minimum and maximum resources assigned to it in proportion to the load over it. This is done by an intelligent algorithm that monitors its resources and scales them accordingly.

Horizontal Scaling is a conventional scaling approach which is based on a technique called Load Balancing. eNlight Cloud Platform also provides horizontal scaling based on software-defined load balancing, with which VMs automatically scale out or scale in depending on workloads.

Expanding the repository storage of the application and raising the number of resources in the similar logical parameter is called Vertical Scaling. Here, scalability is done with respect to both the processing capability as well as the CPU and RAM capacities. So for e.g. if the a 16 GB server is suddenly experiencing extra load may be due to increase in the number of processors in an existing, then the existing server can be scaled to a higher size, say 32 GB or 64 GB, as per the predefined limit set by the host. This is possible by using eNlight Cloud.

For instance you own an e-commerce website having loads of customers. Since you have lots of customer visiting and shopping regularly from your website, there are chances of increase in the traffic and that will directly collide with your server, resulting in downgrade of the websites performance. Now to avoid the downfall of the performance, you will want to scale your server capacity without any manual intervention or reboot or a downtime. With eNlight, capacity of the server can be increased by increasing the storage space as well as the capacity in real time. So if you are willing to use vertical auto-scaling approach, eNlight Cloud magnifies the capabilities of your node which will handle the traffic accurately. Now to reduce the responsibility of the individual servers, eNlight automatically increases the number of servers with equal storage in the already existing server. This is known as horizontal auto-scaling approach.

When horizontal and vertical autoscaling are combine, it is called as hybrid or multi-dimensional scaling wherein depending on the incoming load the servers scale vertically to the set limits within the physical capacity of the server and then horizontally by creating more VMs.

With the automatic scaling abilities in eNlight Cloud Platform, CIOs get the veto power to take control of Cloud and its core characteristics by scaling. However, another added benefit of this platform is that you cloud is automated and rendered easy to use. With a single sign on session, CIOs can monitor and manage their cloud at the click of the mouse. Everything from compute, network, security services, storage, database, applications, billing information and account management capabilities can be effortlessly accessed through a single window. The process in fact gets so automated that your system start running extra effectively leaving no chance for errors. All of this backed by ESDS’ exuberant support and managed services that are available round the clock and 365 days of the year make managing and provisioning for your cloud a cake walk.

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