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CIOs Veto Power to Auto-Scale Multi-Dimensionally & Infinitely with eNlight Cloud Platform

The quick growth to rank and raise cloud management techniques and means have formed massive opportunities for companies of all sizes and industries. By embracing a robust cloud management solution that is capable of managing everything right from cloud orchestration, scaling, support to management and monitoring of IT and non IT assets; enterprises can enhance their ability,… Read More »


The Shift in Cloud Scalability

eNlight Cloud’s Vertical Autoscaling is bringing about a Great Shift in cloud scalability!   If you google search the term ‘cloud’ you shall get fewer number of links to natural clouds in your search results. Technology evolves from the necessity of finding better solutions to problems, and the shift from traditional IT to Cloud has… Read More »


What is the difference between horizontal & vertical scaling?

One of the best features of cloud infrastructure is its scalability. Many users migrate to cloud IaaS and key reason is scalability. Scalability is the capability of a system to expand from existing configuration for handling increasing amount of load.  You can scale the system either by upgrading the existing hardware configuration or adding extra… Read More »