Active Directory Issues on Dedicated Hosting

When you look at any technical aspect of the server it is considered that it may come up with an technical issues. Similarly, active directory issues on dedicated hosting is one of them. The technical aspect can face some or the other issues because it is automated not man made. Active Directory sites are a very important topic and yet are commonly misconfigured. A site is a combination of the physical (wires, cables, routers, etc.) and the logical (Active Directory configuration, IP Subnet, etc.). A site may span one or more domains. A site needs to be able to allow all the domain controllers within it to replicate to each other in a timely fashion. Clients will treat all DCs in the site as equals.

There are different active directories issues that may occur like Dynamic DNS Update Problems, Mail delivery Problems, Internet Protocol (IP) configuration, Active network connection during installation, Client connections and High-Encryption Pack and Internet connection software. Some of these are explained below:

IP Configuration : The issues with IP Configuration can be said as the one of the very common or basic issues in which if one doesn’t uses a dedicated IP then the DNS registration may not work So, one needs a dedicated IP address to install, the Active Directory domain controller should point to its own IP address in the DNS server list to prevent possible DNS connectivity issues, and Active Directory functionality shouldn’t be lost.

Active Network Connection Required During Installation : the heading itself explains that while installation is on there must be active network connection required. Active Directory Installation Failed’ Error Message When You Use Dcpromo.exe to Promote a Server

DNS Configuration
: The DNS configuration plays an important role in installing active directory issues it (DNS) supports Active Directory DNS entries (SRV records) must be present for Active Directory to function properly. You need to keep in mind the following DNS configuration issues when you install Active Directory on a home network:

* Root zone entries
* DNS forwarders

Client Connections : Client connections are of prime importance when you look up into Active directories. To prevent any issues of active directories in client connections, the clients should connect to the Active Directory domain controller using an internal network on a second network adapter. This helps clients to obtain an IP address from your Internet service provider (ISP). To achieve this configuration with a second network adapter on the server connected to a hub you can do it with the help of above point of IP address. You can use NAT or ICS to isolate the clients on the local network. To ensure the optimum DNS connectivity The clients should point to the domain’s DNS server. The DNS server’s forwarder will then allow the clients to access DNS addresses on the Internet.

High-Encryption Pack and Internet Connection Software : The most important aspect of any web based technology is Internet connection. Basically the softwares which must be used, if your Internet connection requires the installation of an Internet connection program from your ISP, be aware that older versions of these connection programs that are not specifically designed to work with Windows 2000 may cause startup issues if you install them on a Windows 2000-based computer.

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