3 Preeminent data center practices to follow

3 Preeminent data center practices to follow

Data Center practices to follow

Data center business is increasing with needs of huge data that is growing over and over and is expected to grow more, as we hear such news more often now. This makes DC business very uncertain, with growing technologies and innovations and with the requirements of data storage and telecommunications DC operations are getting dynamic and complex but obviously.

Complexity and uncertainty is anticipated to rise with advancements in this business. It is likely that some best Data center practices must be followed to maintain the ease of operations in this business with prominent cost savings and it will help keep the stability for sustaining in the market. Some approaches that would prove to be best practices for Data center operations are mentioned.

Pick DCIM system that melds with existing system

The check for compatibility of the Data center management system to be implemented and the existing management system is necessary. Incorporation of new system without shuddering of present system adds to many new complexities, ideally managing the infrastructure by combination of both is must, however two systems vary in certain parameters to matchup completely, DCIM software that can match maximum points with the existing management system must be considered. Customizable and flexible Data center management tool like eMagic can be one of the best options.

Optimization of Power and temperature

Power management and DC cooling are the prime challenge in DC management. In order to improve and maintain the efficiency of the design it is very important that proper energy management and optimization techniques must be used. Actual computing energy consumed in servers is less compared to total energy consumed. To avoid energy wastage in the path, like energy consumed at supply, converters, regulators, etc. proper optimized path with minimum energy waste needs to be designed.

DC infra consists of cool and hot passage, to increase the efficiency of temperature and reduce costs required in maintain the temperature, proper design could help in. Simple step to avoid mixing of two temperatures and arranging Cabinets of DCs in a way that mixing of cool and hot temperatures will be avoided can significantly improve efficiency.

Measurement of PUE

PUE that is Power usage effectiveness metric determines the energy efficiency of a DC. Regular measurement and improvement in PUE will lead to significant enhancement in energy efficiency of Data center. Average PUE maintained is of 2.5 typically for data centers. Power, energy and IT loads constitutes the measure of PUE, proper formation or distribution of Power amongst IT and non-IT portion of DC is the key to maintain required PUE using best practices.

These are just few best practices to be inculcated in DC business, basic requirement in DC of improving efficiency and optimizing energy and power is covered over by these practices. Share your views and recommendations about more Data center practices that can be beneficial.

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