Why Cloud Computing Needs Governance?

Cloud Computing Governance

Why Cloud Computing Needs Governance?

The cloud computing industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. Most businesses are also experiencing tremendous growth and productivity just from adopting cloud services. While this is a good thing and needs to be encouraged, there is also need for governance in the cloud. The benefits of cloud computing are numerous, that fact cannot be disputed.

In order to maintain this growth, the cloud industry needs to implement transparency and governance measures. This will further improve their marketability and increase the number of businesses that are adopting cloud services.

There are certain aspects of the cloud that cloud providers could make more accessible and more transparent. Here, we’ll look at some of them in an attempt to further open up this industry to even more users.

Data Security

It’s increasingly clear that most businesses are turning to cloud services because of the economic benefits that the Cloud Provides. This is not a bad thing, in fact, it’s clear to see that cloud computing has improved most businesses in terms of efficiency and profitability.

What is also clear is that these businesses have also failed to look at other aspects of the cloud such as security. The result has often been a failure to understand or even react to security breaches until they happen. This is the primary reason why cloud providers need to be more forthcoming with their data security measures.

The user needs a little bit of insight into the cloud provider’s governance when it comes to data security. More providers are actually going public with their data security, which is an indication that the industry is turning a corner. The more users are informed about the Security of their data, the more confident they will be about using cloud services.

The Cloud Provider’s Financial Stability and Reputation

For larger cloud services providers such as Google and Amazon, this is well established. The governance issue is more common amongst smaller cloud providers. This doesn’t, however, mean that it is less important. It is, however, a contentious issue since the cloud provider has to be able to demonstrate trustworthiness.

In a saturated market, the issue of reputation and financial stability often takes a back seat in favor of favorable marketing. The most ardent users will, however, consider this an essential “checkbox” when looking for a cloud provider.

It is, therefore, important that the cloud industry makes this information easier for the user to find. A cloud provider’s reputation and financial stability speak of its ability to provide quality service. This is what will ensure the future of the industry in the long run.

More users will have confidence using cloud services when they can be guaranteed of quality services and data security. These are the cornerstones of the cloud computing industry and hence the most important issues of governance to be addressed. If the industry can get these issues right, there is no limit to the potential growth opportunities.

What aspect of cloud computing do you wish you to be better informed about? Your opinion is always cherished here. Please enter your comments in the comments section below.

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