Types Of Services Offered By Cloud Systems

With regard to services, at the present time, the concept of cloud computing involves the provision of the following types of services to its users:

Everything as a Service : This type of service is provided to all users of the software and hardware to control the business processes, including the interaction between users, the user only needs to have access to the Internet.

In my opinion, this kind of service is a general concept with respect to the services. Below mentioned are some of the more special cases.

Infrastructure as a Service : The computing infrastructure is given to the user, typically virtual platforms (PCs) connected to the network. It adjusts itself to suit your purpose.

Platform as a Service : The computing platform is given to the user, with the operating system and required software.

Software as a Service : This type of service is usually positioned as “software on demand“, this software is deployed on remote servers and the user can access it via the Internet, and all updates and licenses for this software is governed by the service provider. Payment in this case is made for actual use of the software.

Hardware as a Service : In this case, the user of the service leases the hardware for his own purposes. This option allows you to save on maintenance of the equipment, but in essence little different from “Infrastructure as a Service” except that you have the bare hardware on which you can deploy your own infrastructure using the most appropriate software.

Workplace as a Service : In this case, the company is using cloud computing for the organization of employment of its employees by setting up and installing the necessary software required to operate personnel.

Data as a Service : The main idea of this type of service lies in the fact that the user is provided with storage space, which may be used to store large amounts of information.

Security as a Service : This type of service enables users to quickly deploy, allowing products to ensure the safe use of Web technologies security of electronic communications, as well as the safety of the local system, which allows users of the service to save on deploying and maintaining their own security system.


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    Great post my friend. I was so ecixted when I caught wind of these upcoming features, and then seeing them live at cloud force. Coming from many support roles, the ability to provide Knowledge and Answers in a searchable format is invaluable. How many times are the same questions asked, and not documented for the next support issue, or placed in a fashion for others to easily reference? The statement is spot on, that customers search online before calling, and the answers they get might not be the answer you want shared. Facebook and Twitter integration is so essential. The ROI speaks for itself. Thanks again for sharing what’s coming. I hope others will catch the vision as to the importance of listening to your community and brand in their respective spaces.

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