The Ecosystem Of The Cloud Computing

Call it whatever you want: Cloud Computing , SaaS, PaaS or IaaS, but the software distributed via the Internet is easily scalable and marketed under subscription to which we refer in this article as “Cloud Computing” is today the fundamental reality, the world of enterprise software (and the software world in general).

The approach passes through the question:

” What kind of ecosystem of manufacturers, service providers and customers is emerging as the winning presence Cloud Computing? “

On the one hand, from the viewpoint of customers and cloud providers, the benefits of Software as a Service and Cloud Computing are clear. Moreover, for providers of services (consulting firms, integrators, etc …) are trying to adapt to the changing needs of a market that has changed and competitive differentiation. Now that there is still a perfect opportunity to position.

For the customer, the determining factor is that you hire a service, and don’t purchase a software. The manufacturer should be happy if the client wants it to continue paying your monthly fee. This implies a change in my view, to a commercial and social relationship between the two.

For the manufacturer , the processes are simplified, with corresponding economic benefits that this entails. But, especially at this early stage, will have to overcome significant challenges such as security, standards …

For the service provider, that is, the consulting company that created customized solutions, the Cloud Computing represents both a threat (in the event that the product does not require too much can be deployed as a SaaS CRM such as Salesforce ) and an opportunity.

In conclusion: In my opinion, the Cloud Computing will not radically change the type of players that exist in the enterprise software sector, we will continue with the customers interested in obtaining the best solutions tailored to their needs at a reasonable price, with manufacturers compete to offer the most competitive, and integrators who seek to offer its customers the most appropriate software and be used.

I think the question is, while developing this change to the ubiquity of Cloud Computing, who will use it and thus be better positioned for the new ecosystem is emerging, and who will miss the train.


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