Linux is like Windows

The inevitable question is: Why?

If you came to this post do not think it necessary to discuss the reasons. By way of info, in my case the primary motivation is to decrease the reluctance to change users obtuse in companies in which they migrated the OS from the computers to GNU / Linux .

Note: The reference to Linux like Windows or Windows-like Linux we are talking about changing the look and feel of a computer with GNU / Linux, not USCAR any distro targeted at users with little knowledge and little desire to learn new things.

We will see a small list of some of the options we have available separately in what could be defined as categories: Themes, distros and window managers.

Gnome Themes

Gnome XP: Applicable to any distro that uses Gnome, to download the script (with all icons, themes and graphics required) only remains. I’ve used it several times getting satisfaction from systems makers.

Complete Vista Aero Theme: according to its author, a compilation of several pieces of different themes for Gnome to make a substantial thema of Vista Aero.

Vista transformation pack: in this case it is not an automated installer, but the description details the installation steps. You must have Beryl or Compiz-fusion installed with Emerald theme support.

Windows 7 transformation pack: A pack poorly documented in terms of installation and content. As we read, has support for Compiz-Fusion. Personally I think the screen shots are not real, so it will need a try.

Themes for KDE

Vistar7: The transformation pack is optimized for Kubuntu 9.04 , but works in other distros with KDE4 . While the package violates some licenses (see the description of content) the result is excellent. It is also distributed as a script that takes care of the transformation automatically.

Style XP KDE3: as the name suggests, this theme for KDE3 attempts to simulate (rather coarse) XP environment.

Window Managers

XP Desktop Environment: a window manager developed from scratch to simulate the Windows XP graphical interface. While not intended to be just as developers seek a similarity that allows Windows users feel comfortable using Linux.

ReactOS: The evolution of FreeWin95 project, which attempted to clone the OS. After an almost complete change, they were able to get a Linux system (based on Wine) with support for Windows APIs through a subsystem that emulates the NT kernet. It is still in development, but worth a try.


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