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Are you a web developer? Free alternatives to proprietary and commercial software for developers!

The best thing in life are definitely free when it comes to developer software. There’s plenty of free software that does the job as well as the commercial and proprietary offerings. The difference is the price – free software is free; and many of which are released under fair licensing terms that give you many… Read More »


Web server with CentOS + Apache

In this brief article we will cover the installation and configuration of Apache on CentOS and some other functions required in today’s web servers. Although there are already plenty of material about it, a simple Google search returns a number of texts already, I decided to write about it because it is something simple that… Read More »


Linux is like Windows

The inevitable question is: Why? If you came to this post do not think it necessary to discuss the reasons. By way of info, in my case the primary motivation is to decrease the reluctance to change users obtuse in companies in which they migrated the OS from the computers to GNU / Linux .… Read More »


Install Apache+PHP+MySQL

In the latest Linux distributions so-called RedHat based distributions installation ligament Apache+PHP+MySQL presents no special problems. But, as always, sometimes there are little pitfalls that often confuse novice admins, owners of dedicated servers, and programmers. We describe this process as an example with Fedora Core 4. We go to the server as root and type… Read More »


A Guide to Cloud Computing on Linux

Linux today represents a major economic force, with an ecosystem estimated about 25 billion dollars. Linux in practically is everywhere. When we do a Google search or read a book on the Kindle, Linux is that runs behind the scenes. Linux unequivocally demonstrated the potential of developing systems in a collaborative manner, which is the… Read More »