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Over a period of time, abundant of data is generated in Silos and files consisting with papers are scattered around in an unorganized way in all the Government organizations. Huge lump of files and regular affairs is challenging to Manage. Major role played by state DPC is to plan different Schemes, Projects and Activities for the Development of the District. Schemes such as General District Plans, Tribal Sub Plan, MLA and MP Local Area Development Programs, Hilly area region, minority development etc.

Issues such as timely work approvals, no appropriate tracking & monitoring of work leading to slow work progress, misplaced documents, manual fund management without any proper analysis etc. had made it nearly impossible to be handled effectively and efficiently without a proper automation software that covers the complete lifecycle.

iPAS was designed with the flexibility & comprehensiveness in such a way that it can be implemented in any district with minimal changes required to the system. iPAS encompasses of all the components starting from inward of an application all the way to final creation of District Development Plan. IPAS has eliminated all manual work and has made Nasik and Mumbai DPC operations Paper-less.

Features of iPAS:

Document management lifecycle takes care of secure document management, verifications, approval, workflows, distributions and archival with appropriate permissions using “Secure digitization”

Works management module in association with the GIS module makes sure that all the work is monitored and managed properly along with satellite images.

Work Flow Management includes Real-time MIS reports for all the modules managed and controlled by stakeholders for quick analysis and decision making by the Officials.

Mobile based iPAS makes it more convenient for implementation agencies who work on fields.

Fund management module gives transparency and visibility for each project under each scheme. This is very helpful for timely fund release to implementation agencies and also to avoid any human errors.

Government Officials at DCP level can now see the work done on map along with photographs. They are now able to focus on their core job of Planning and Administration instead of signing documents and doing paperwork. Officials can now easily check whether the work done is duplicate, and take decisions instantly.

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