Importance of cloud computing

Importance of cloud computing

The expression “Being in the Clouds” brings us comfort and a sense of superiority. Cloud computing – Cloud hosting – is moving increasingly to a destination with no return: the consolidation as an essential tool for the future existence of the internet world.

According to a report recently published

“The cloud will be more important than the internet”. The perceptions we had about the internet in the 90s were minimal compared to what is available to us today. We believe that same will happen with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is already a reality

In a few years, cloud computing will be essential for the continuity of the Internet itself as a whole.

The need for physical space, high energy costs and especially the ideology that we can have a better economy and technological harnessing idle resources to work with, will – and already do – that cloud computing is a global reality.

A survey conducted found that only 10% of the people interviewed were using cloud computing solutions, while in July this year the same question was asked and the number surprising: 66% of people interviewed already use cloud computing solutions. These numbers represent the power of evolution and impact of cloud computing on individuals and corporations around the globe.

Arguments in favor of the use of Cloud Computing

There are several lines of argumentative reasoning in defense of Cloud Computing, but all are consolidated on a few points:

Elasticity Demand

Unlike physical servers hiring, as there are already a pool of machines, ie, a structure of computers ready for use, cloud computing allows you to increase or decrease the resources of your server in seconds. Compared to dedicated servers, for example, this type of change could take hours, maybe even days;

Cost Savings:

There is a better use of server resources, which, once working together, allow the full use of memory, processing, disk space, etc.


The more we enter the digital world, the more we realize that speed is critical for decision making, whether positive or negative. Everything in cloud computing is connected and allows immediate interaction, changes are applied at the time sent and a better use of time is also felt.

Basically, cloud computing consolidates three major needs of our century technology: Autonomy with high agility and cost reduction, a phrase that everyone likes to hear!

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