HTML5 Against Flash

HTML5 standard came online, and for some webmasters, this means a threat to Adobe Flash. Many new features of HTML5 are very similar to Flash, but it is only my opinion – Flash is not going to surrender because of this. Flash has a number of important features that can be used in web development and design of website templates and we cannot reject them.

In regard to the undeniable advantages, some of Flash Platform Support all know Internet browsers which are growing quite rapidly and websites based on Flash templates are readily visible in most of them. With the simple plug-ins, Free Flash replace all the frustration that you may feel when trying to adjust your site to each browser separately. It is true that animation is the first thing on your mind when you hear about ‘Adobe Flash templates’ or web design in Flash.

Flash sites are much more vivid and stand out from many other websites, general thanks to animation effects. Video is the second main advantage of Flash. Using the plugin, the videos in a web page can be rendered regardless of operating system. Vector Graphics: These are particular types of images that have a reputation of being very clear in any browser.

Despite all these advantages there is an initiative to boycott the web page. The main objective of the controversy is that HTML5 should replace Flash because Flash has a lot of things to improve. In spite of this Flash templates continue to maintain some niches. Mobile Web is developing very quickly. As more people today can connect to the Internet via a mobile phone they look for the same experience they already have on a regular computer.

It seems that Flash is now firmly established in this niche. And that’s for a reason. Performance tests have shown that in a mobile platform Flash performs better than HTML5. Flash videos and animations run much better. Many business sites will probably not become HTML5 – only by the basic principle is ‘if it is not broke do not fix it’. “Flexibility and stability of a Flash template provide these sites with spectacular images that can attract customers and improve the user experience.

Well, it’s time for conclusions.

Who will win? Time will tell. What we can say with certainty is that Flash will remain a major competitor on the web.


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