Cloud Foundry, Open Source Development Services

Vmware, which is into virtualization in the cloud has just released still in beta, the new platform as a service ( PaaS ), Cloud Foundry.

The current leaders of the market in PaaS solutions are Microsoft Azure and Google App Engine. The novelty of Cloud Foundry is presented as open source and can support multiple frameworks, Cloud providers and application services.

Its utility is that it shortens the time needed to design an application, build the code, and finally transfer it to the cloud, using a PaaS solution open.

There are three types of services offered in the Cloud Computing

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), which offers storage resources CPU, memory and network so we can install the operating system of our choice, and develop the Framework you want.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) , which provides an operating system directory and an environment in which it develop a service like Microsoft Azure and Coud Foundry.

Software as a Service (SaaS) , which provides software directly without having to worry about the platform it is developed on, or infrastructure where you use Google docs.

The tools are used on Spring Source platform ( acquired by VMware in 2009) Developer Java , Rails and Sinatra Developer Ruby, and Node.js and other JVM frameworks including Grails.

Cloud Foundry has a good degree of portability, allowing developers to migrate applications across environments on cloud providers and enterprise data center without disrupting or modifying the application.

The platform is not tied to any particular environment, supports private or public clouds, including those deployed in VMware vSphere the vCloud developed by VMware, VMware and public clouds.

Cloud Foundry be available in three formats:

  • CloudFoundry.com : A PaaS environment fully hosted, managed and supported by VMware.
  • CloudFoundry.org : An open source project where developers and community members can collaborate and contribute to the project.
  • Micro Foundry Cloud : A complete project instance Cloud Foundry, Desktops created ideally for developers, which will be available soon. In this way it gives developers a personal PaaS running on their desktop. Micro Cloud can be downloaded as an image to VMware Fusion and VMware Player.



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