Cloud Computing and the Future of Corporate Data Center

Why do companies like Amazon.com, Sun, IBM, ESDS, and many others are developing Cloud Computing infrastructure?

To try and understand it, going back 100 years ago and see how was the evolution of electricity.

Soon after the invention of electricity in the late 19th century people (and companies) have built their own sources of energy. People realized that it was easier and cheaper to buy energy than having the responsibility to keep their generators and taking care of all infrastructure required to have an own generation of electricity.

Perhaps the time is coming when the people think to keep their own data centers (unless this is the business of your company).

Each company with data centers?

Because every company or business (regardless of size) must have its own server farm to host their applications, their ERP, CRM, their databases.

Some of the small and medium enterprises of our servers are used in part: only about 20%, consuming 100% of energy. This is a problem. The bad news is its going to get worse. We will not have an inexhaustible source of energy that will enable rapid growth of the number of servers and PCs in the world.

Green IT initiatives and other help, but the concept of Cloud Computing, in my opinion is what can actually optimize the utilization of software, hardware and infrastructure, more effectively. Each company or individual will use only the resources it needs, at the time that is needed.

I have a friend who has in his house (he, his wife and daughter, 10 years): 03 laptops, 02 PCs working as robust home server, so many monitors, external hard drive, 02 broadband connections to meet the demands of their jobs … … and I think rightly, to consolidate some of the machines on a server. If this is a reality in many homes of middle and upper class, imagine how much the hardware base is increasing in business.

Is Cloud Computing ready to be used in companies?

Let’s see what this study says.

Cloud computing is a new IT outsourcing model That Does not yet meet the Criteria of enterprise IT and isn’t supported by most of the key corporate vendors. It’s wildly popular with startups, Exactly fits the way small businesses like to buy things.

Applications that can benefit from Cloud services:

  • Those who need to access information in real time
  • Security systems and transportation
  • Payment systems and financial services
  • Virtual worlds (Second Life) and social networks
  • All applications which make billions of mobile devices (doing) use

The infrastructure needs to improve (a lot!), Especially here in India.

How companies can ensure availability of services?

Look what happened to one of the most popular services and one of the best examples of Cloud Computing:

And if your business depended solely on cloud hosting services, the future of processing enterprise seems even to Cloud Computing.


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