Big Data Opportunities for the Connected Enterprise


Big Data

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is close by and bringing an industrial revolution with it. The IIoT is all about the emergence of connected enterprises.

In a fast-paced, competitive world, customers are always on the lookout for better services. Today, to keep your customers loyal, you not only need to provide them with high-quality products but also superior customer service.

‘Big Data’ is now an extensively used term. It has different meaning for every industry. But let’s just take a more general and broader view of things here.

Big Data is the name given to a huge collection of data. Data from different sensors, devices, and systems form Big Data. Industries perform analysis on this data to reach better decisions, optimize their resources, and save money.

How Can Your Enterprise Reap the Benefits of Big Data?

The main theory behind Big Data is that data contains information. The more data you have, the more information you can extract from it. So, to enhance the overall operational functionality of your business, you should aim for a larger database.

How to extract useful data from your collected raw data is quite another challenge. But let’s just stick to what solutions Big Data can provide for an enterprise.

To better understand the benefits of Big Data, let’s look at the examples of the oil and gas industry. These industries deal with an extensive amount of data, as they have to monitor pressures, temperatures, and other such factors 24/7.

Big Data and cloud services can help a company handle this kind of data. By using Big Data analytics, a company can separate clean data from the dirty data, optimize their resources, enhance operational efficiency, and make appropriate use of operator’s man-hours.

Using the example of the oil industry, a company can monitor oil wells and process plants from remote locations. All the data produced can be seen just by logging in through users’ PCs or cell phones, instead of having to enter dangerous or hazardous (or inconvenient) environments.

However, if a company then takes the next step, upgrading itself to become a connected enterprise, Big Data can be of even more use to it.

With Big Data, a connected enterprise can display data to its customers and suppliers to give everyone a better view of things. This can be achieved simply by using a cloud service, taking advantage of its collaborative, responsive, and smart dashboards.

With open networking, an enterprise can monitor and control a wide range of performance metrics. It can use Big Data analytics to highlight problems and indicate their sources.

Big Data brings in smarter, more accurate predictive capabilities within an organization. This leads to efficient management, enhanced quality, and streamlined performance of the entire enterprise. Workers can gain better, more accurate, and real time information about production.

Big Data is the perfect solution to many problems of a connected enterprise. You can use it to achieve faster performance, lesser errors, better decisions, and enhanced customer services.

Bring your entire system together and give your entire team access to relevant information. Also, let your customers interact with your entire team. This way you can establish better relations, create loyal customers, and build trust.

How important is Big Data for a connected enterprise? Share your thoughts with us!

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