Why Backup Is So Mistreated In Business?

importance-of-backup-in-businessOne of the most important processes of IT management, the task of retaining copies of vital information of companies do not seem to receive the attention of IT managers. In the speech, everyone says it is, but in practice ….. And history always repeats itself: at the time of struggle, that is, when they need to restore lost files is the subject that comes up.

The first point to note is that, I perceive as motivation. Speaking of backup is a bit like waking up on Saturday and decide to clean house. Everyone knows you need, but do not want to deal with it. Let’s face it! Everyone wants to embrace projects that ensure visibility and recognition can take their skills – if possible even outside the company. For this reason, I see on a day-to-day, the backup on the same basket of other IT processes and usually under the management of someone already overwhelmed by other responsibilities.

On the other hand, I accompanied a movement of companies doing the outsourcing to complete backup process, passing over all management of a specialized company. In this model, entering all resources (HW, SW and people) allowing the manager to “forget” the problem and charge a certain result. Arise, then, other issues: how to choose data backup services, how to ensure that I will have “even” a good level of service, as defined SLA which is suitable for business area etc..

In both cases, a good analysis of return on investment (ROI) can take up the back of the kitchen and put it in the dining room. And when we talk about ROI, not only in the hypothetical questions of how much the operation will cost your company stand still for missing information. It’s down to the details of “today” as is costing today do a process lower quality? As we could improve investing the same amount (which are certain indicators to restore time, for example)? Sometimes the simplest answer is a matter of wanting, of motivation. In this case, as the saying goes, the enemy of great is good.

Regardless of the way forward, taking care inside or outside the home, the fact is that, the backup should urgently return to the agenda for discussion’s of central IT management, before the problem happens.


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