The Pace Of Information Technology Development Is Accelerating

In early 2011, Google reported a change in its leading position in the list of major internet companies. There are many opinions about the causes of the fall ranked by Google in this list, but everyone agrees that there is a tendency to accelerate changes in the sphere of information technologies. Each company is eventually undergoing some administrative changes and has its own economic cycle. But much more important now, as these internal cycles coincide with the rapid development of data centers industry in general, and cloud hosting technologies in particular.

During the first five years of the last decade Google has been queen of the ball. Its name became the basis of the verb (“Google” – to search the web). It has changed the nature of the search, use and attitudes to information. They did not invent the search engine, it was simply meant to improve it, and the world has changed beyond recognition. It is predicted that it will replace the Internet itself! And then came the “Social Internet” and more people began to use the services of Facebook and Twitter, and Google search engine and RSS feeds overshadowed. Information business has changed, as well as many other industries. Nobody noticed this, but in fact the second five-year plan last decade was very different from its first five years. And although Google still means something in the field of Internet search, social networks, no doubt, came to the first position. We cannot say definitely whether it is strategic or administrative problems for the search company, because in reality, it does not matter. What really matters is what people are saying that Google is not so popular.

What implications does all this might have for other companies that are not related to Google or not are the pillars of the Internet? If you produce cars, drugs, or widgets? Maybe you sell bricks or mortar. What if your company is not related to the field of information technology business? Regardless of the scope of your business, we can assume that this shift from 10 to 5 years, probably will affect your business too.

Today, almost every company and every industry is built on information. The sign may be written in “Fashion House“, but in fact almost any business is related information.

Information on financial and capital markets risk management, information affecting the adoption of certain decisions, information that is necessary for cooperation, information to track users and interact with them through various means of communication. And most of this information is at your data center or moved to a “cloud hosting” structure with a common access from anywhere in the world. You cannot assume your business to be information-oriented, as in the case of Google, but in reality it just¬† is. And companies that are most actively engaged in the information business, according to data center as a key strategic asset. It is used as a weapon in the competition.

This means changing attitudes towards the IT infrastructure, data centers and the potential use of cloud hosting technology.

In other words, what seems easy now, may no longer be so after 5 years.


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