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Malware Scan


Malware is short for ‘malicious software’ that performs unwanted action on websites and webservers and steals sensitive data such as credit card numbers or other personal information (identity theft). Malware can actually affect your livelihood if you use your website for business. Think about it, if you visit a site once and you see it is infected by malware, you’re not likely to revisit the website. Websites that are infected with malware can actually be blacklisted from search engines as well. Google can detect that your site is having malware issues and can steer people away from your site for their own good; this will directly affect your business. The result can damage your reputation and cause your company to be viewed as unreliable and untrustworthy, which is why it’s so valuable to have an anti-malware scanner like ESDS VTMScan.

ESDS VTMScan Detection Technique

  • ESDS VTMScan scans for page defacement and looks for defacement keywords on each and every page crawled. It then reports if a match is found.
  • ESDS VTMScan checks JavaScript’s codes against generic signatures for vulnerabilities.
  • It has an algorithm to check for JavaScript obfuscation which checks for vulnerable malware patterns.
  • Third-party links found on the page are also checked in the Google malware database.
  • Application file detection like .rar, .exe, .apk is also held.
  • Page source scan is conducted for Stored Client XSS, hidden iframe tag, remote source detection, information disclosure (IP/E-mail).

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