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Brace Yourselves for the Upcoming Cybersecurity Trends of 2019!

2018 is coming to an end, and as usual, the arena of cybersecurity is having some new trends coming up. As digital threats are also getting up to a new level, we need security experts to adopt and implement future solutions.

Now, the trends like AI, Biometrics, and IoT have been there as always, but these are evolving to a new level every year which is impacting the related sectors. Further, the zero-trust model and GDPR compliance related legislation are in a boom.

Upcoming Cybersecurity Trends for 2019

Identity management, application improvement, and creating efficient and intelligent threat-management solutions are some of the areas where AI is expanding the cybersecurity arena.

2018 has been a great year for the capital funding of cybersecurity projects. This October 2018 saw an investment of $3.3 billion. Investors are willing to splurge more into this technology as well as security is the crucial concern of every industry.

Let us discuss the emerging trends of cybersecurity for the year 2019 here.

– The Zero Trust Cloud Security Model

There is a prediction that 2019 will witness the boom of zero trust security model in the enterprises. Several global enterprises are eager to adopt the zero trust cloud security solution.

So, what is the zero trust approach? Of course, as the title suggests, there should be no trust in any individual. Hence, this zero trust security model regularly checks the actions and behaviour so that it becomes easy to spot and eradicate the probable threats. The legitimate parameters are set to determine the validity of a user’s actions and responses. These factors can help in calculating the risk score. The elements can include a user’s IP address, physical location, permissions, etc.

So, the zero trust model will always be calculating the risks from various factors, and if that score surpasses the top level, then that user is going to be out of the network. That user can also be asked to go through a multi-aspect authentication procedure.

– A Rise in the Use of Biometric Security Systems

The capital investment in the market of biometric systems is going to rise by 25% in 2019. The concept of biometrics is a threatening one because you get physically connected to the digital world through your online accounts. But, mostly they are in the use of several organisations and have become a significant part of our daily lives like unlocking cell phones via fingerprints or face. These systems increase the efficiency of security functions. By 2023, the investments in the biometric security market are going to be $41.8 billion (as per MarketsandMarkets), but seeing the current demand of the systems, by the end of 2019, the numbers can go up to $20 billion approximately.

– IoT Security Advancement

There is widening in the supply of IoT offerings and endpoints which is causing the quantity of IoT security products to boom. The IoT security incidents are going to double in 2019 than in 2018. The humongous rise in the IoT endpoints/devices is not going to stop at any time. This has given a lift to the necessity of innovating our security service. Even if we have several ‘smart’ devices, but many of them are having quite big security loopholes. Several technologies and software are helping to protect businesses from attacks like DDoS, but not all the solutions solve the problems from its core. Security professionals will have to determine the underlying cause of insecure IoT endpoints. There is no balance between rising endpoints and Security Solutions. Therefore, the vulnerability will still exist, and attacks will grow.

– GDPR Compliance as a Service

Yes, you read that correct! GDPR compliance as a Service is also capturing the markets through privacy and security services. The growth rate will be about 75% in this case for the year 2019. The regulations from governments and international authorities have been strict, and hence there is such massive growth. The rise in the number of regulations is causing the businesses to pace up for being updated to keep their customers happy. But, adopting new GDPR and other such technologies related to compliances can help the businesses in a long-term, even though in the initial phases the management can take time. Finally, this will lead to the adoption of fully managed services, and this business will be in a boom.

Looking Ahead in 2019

The trends mentioned here are some of the emerging trends. However, it is believed that these are the most significant trends, considering the changes in the overall market. These are supposed to have the most significant potential impacts on the larger scale of companies as they are going to embrace the security-centric business on a worldwide level.

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