How To Break The Fear To Invest And Move The Data Center


It has always been common sense in the IT market that managers of large companies have conservative characteristics, and no wonder, after all for a good part of companies to the area of technology impacts directly on your bill.

Despite not knowing how to quantify, I have observed in recent years that one of the greatest fears of CIOs today is to be the data center manager. I believe that many sleep praying for that day shall not come. And they’re right. Is there anything more risky for the IT manager than having to put in place a project of this responsibility? The core business of the whole company is present in that data center. Any error not anticipated, and mean the loss of revenue can also compromise the CIO career.

Even so, investments are needed with the growing number of fans consumers to the digital world. The companies have set up channels of communication with them, invested in audience data storage and essential information for business development. Cloud computing, time theme in the technology segment represents a large portion of the need for investment in Data Center.

To get an idea, lets take a look at research done for understanding the changes. According to the survey, these high investments of building data centers are leading many companies to outsource their data center. Further, in turn, perform a movement to an area that includes a new infrastructure.

The important thing is to remember that the service moves depends exclusively on planning and risk analysis. The times vary according to the company’s current situation, however, to make a successful drive in 48 hours for a large company, you need about two months of planning.

The planning process involves conducting a survey of all technology requirements and infrastructure in the customer base, developing an inventory and analysis of environmental characteristics. With this documentation in hand, the team can analyze all the risks of the procedure and establish what will be the necessary approach. This is the most complex part because of which it takes long period of two months, if something is wrongly planned, the action can be compromised and cause a long downtime in the company.

The project moves in data center is one of the riskiest in the IT industry and two important tips for the CIO overcome fear are:

1) Talk to those who have already made moves to know which path to tread;
2) Make sure that the supplier is sufficient and has the necessary experience and can perform this action successfully.

After that, when planning and risk analysis are well made, even a child can perform successfully action.


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