Evolution Of The Carrier-Neutral Data Center

Data-Center-evolutionData centers are far more than mere providers of IT infrastructure. In many communities they gather market participants: Especially big players exert a strong magnetic effect and attract numerous companies from the same industry respectively.

This benefits all those who outsource their IT carrier-neutral data centers. Because companies can exchange data via cross-connects much faster and more efficiently. At the same time they are directly connected with attractive services and use their offers directly. Only by combining these data center IT megatrends like cloud computing and big data are possible.

What tasks does data center operators have so far? They were first and foremost a service provider who offered an infrastructure environment including power, air conditioning, connectivity and security. Customers are no longer bound by their own limited resources – in terms of floor space, server, bandwidth bound – money, personnel, and etc..

These services offer data centers to remain and they are used by an increasing number of market participants in various industries to complete, because it helps them to realize their own value creation strategy: banks, other companies in the financial sector and the creative industries, insurance carriers, Internet service Providers (ISPs), content distribution networks (CDN) and Internet exchanges.

No IT, But A Strategic Decision

Within the data center, this customer for a long time were unconnected. This has now changed fundamentally – The company opens a multitude of new possibilities and consequently, offers additional advantages.

The decision to outsource IT is no longer solely a result of technical considerations, but a strategic positioning. Initially, there are financial aspects in focus.

This is a classic “make or buy” decision: The construction of a private modern and at the same time future-proof data center can easily cost several Crores. Here are the costs incurred by the operation and maintenance costs, such as for energy, labor and maintenance, not including what. These high costs can be saved by outsourcing the digital infrastructure of a data center. The contractual basis based on individual leasing models.

More Than Just A Question of Cost

In addition to the financial benefits of this infrastructure, a carrier-neutral data center offers many other advantages such as the clash of different market participants in an industry in an economic ecosystem. The customer get benefits from this digital community by the high number of connections to carriers, ISPs, CDNs and Internet exchange points that ensure an efficient, cost-effective and flexible data transport.

This is the central feature of carrier-neutral data center. The customer chooses always those partners who keep the best deal ready for their specific needs. Be it in terms of cost, performance and SLAs. Participants form within the data center cross-connects to exchange their data as quickly as possible, thus increasing their value. Especially when big players move in an industry in a data center, created magnetic effects.

This business ecosystem covers the growing IT needs of organizations from optimal. Through the establishment of numerous service companies can offer their data center – mainly connectivity and other services such as content distribution – use more efficiently. At the same time they have the opportunity to expand their capacity at any time or to reduce and thus adapt quickly and flexibly to the needs of company. You are in a “breathing factory”.

Carrier-Neutral Data Center Agency For eNlight Cloud

Does data centers enable cloud computing? The answer is simple and logical: Only through the direct exchange of data described and access to numerous carriers, the distributed storage of data and services is possible.

The selection available from many network providers is one of the foundations for cloud in the Datacenter. In a data center, cloud service providers find an optimal environment and a broad community of companies in upstream and downstream value chain, such as telecom operators and Internet exchanges.

The availability of a variety of carriers, ISPs, CDNs and Internet Exchange provides a smooth and cost-effective distribution of content to the end user. This digital community is a clear added value, because by network interconnections and further cooperation for the parties, it increase their value and significantly reduce costs.


Operation of service providers who own platforms, as well as financial undertakings to private clouds set can operate their hardware in a community center environment. This is distinguished primarily by its proximity leading networks and CDNs in order to achieve the best performance for the end user.

In addition, they have access to a large and growing community of service providers. Due to the availability of many suppliers in one place created a digital marketplace.

Ready For Big Data By Digital Infrastructure

Taking into account the “3 Vs” (Volume, Variety, Velocity), the meaningful analysis and processing exponentially growing, structured and unstructured data is a challenge. It is only possible if the required access to network operators is guaranteed.

Do Yourself Or Outsource?

Because bandwidth is increasingly used for business to a decisive competitive factor, therefore, the data should be kept where they are analyzed. Equally essential is a fast data access, because the longer the delay ( latency is), the longer the data analysis.

In addition, the infrastructure must be especially powerful and expandable to accommodate the ever-increasing growth of data calculation. Modern data centers to meet these challenges and enable efficient handling of big data. In carrier-neutral data centers direct connections (cross-connects) can be established via fiber connection between the data-producing and evaluating the data points. This reduces the latency to a minimum.

Carrier-Neutral Data Centers Are Enablers Of Innovation

Data centers are evolving from a mere provider of infrastructure services to catalysts of innovations such as cloud computing and Big Data. For their customers, they are getting numerous advantages, in that form, digital marketplaces gather all the necessary market participants.

The cost of data transfer are thus considerably reduced, especially in the context of big data, access to carriers, ISPs, CDNs, offers and interesting services are given immediately. Data centers enable megatrends like cloud computing and Big Data. For the efficient analysis of large amounts of data and the provision of responsive, user-friendly cloud services are increasingly factors that determine the competitiveness of companies in all industries.


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