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Have you ever pondered what you should do to protect your brand from fraudsters, cybercriminals, and security flaws? Here is our comprehensive reference on brand protection, including with definitions of intellectual property, examples of brand abuse, practical advice for safeguarding your brand, and more.

Brand Protection Services

What is brand protection?

Protecting a company’s and its affiliated brands’ intellectual property (IP) from counterfeiters, copyright violators, and those who violate other IP, such as patents, design rights, colour marks, and trade dress, is the process of building a strong brand.

This is done to safeguard a company’s entire value as well as its image, reputation, and potential revenue loss. In essence, brand protection stops brand exploitation.

What is brand abuse?

An outsider violating a brand’s intellectual property in order to profit from its well-regarded reputation is referred to as “brand abuse,” an umbrella phrase. Many distinct types of trademark infringement exist, including but not limited to

  • Counterfeiting
  • Rogue websites
  • Copyright piracy
  • Trademark squatting
  • Patent theft
  • Social media impersonation

Businesses must be on the lookout for any brand misuse of which they may be the subject. Yet, counterfeiting is the most widespread and problematic for brands.

What is counterfeiting ?

When a product is created illegally by outside sources, it imitates the one from a legitimate brand. In order to fool customers, the counterfeit product will use the logos and trademarks of the original brand without authority.

To put things in perspective, up to 2.5% of global trade was made up of the trade in fake and pirated goods. In practical respects, counterfeiting is more valuable than the Irish economy.

Considering that it explicitly targets the trademarks of an actual brand, counterfeiting is merely one type of intellectual property infringement. Hence, the major objective of trademark protection businesses and services is to combat counterfeiting.

What do brand protection services do?

what do brand protection services do?

You may feel secure knowing that your products are secure thanks to brand protection services that make sure that no IP violation goes unnoticed. ESDS’ SOC service automatically tracks and removes any online assets that violate the law.

  • Save time by working faster.

By using brand protection services, you may streamline your operations and concentrate on the key component of your product. Web crawlers powered by automatic bots and cutting-edge picture recognition will scour the internet for any infringements. You may unwind while the trademark protection programme locates infringers thanks to automated parameters and machine learning.

  • Make the biggest threats your first priority.

Brand protection services can focus on high-risk clients and prioritize the dangers to your brand. These will enable you to identify the top infringing platforms and suppliers, group IP infringements, and position you to take immediate action on them.

  • Action point: Automatically enforce

Services for brand protection will also aid in enforcement by swiftly and extensively eradicating infringements. The finest service will enable you to create rules that are immediately enforced against copycats. The majority of trademark protection services also provide you the option to manually evaluate and choose which listings to remove. Following enforcement, you will be able to keep an eye on listings and sellers to assist prevent their reemergence.

  • Know your impact and keep track

Enforcement is only the first step in brand protection. You can measure and access the financial effect of brand protection efforts with the best brand protection services. They will offer in-depth, perceptive analysis that is customized to your brand and your security objectives.

How to protect your brand?

how to protect your brand?

It’s critical that you stay current with the most effective ways to combat risks to your brand as they develop. We’ve created a helpful list of brand protection techniques you may not be familiar with.

Identification and management of logos and assets

The Internet is scanned by a logo detection service for unlawful usage of a company’s assets. It can alert you to certain applications, accelerating the rate at which a takedown can be launched.

Takedown of similar domains:

Lookalike websites are frequently used in today’s online brand abuse attempts to steal consumers’ passwords, money, and other information. Modern trademark protection strategies should include doppelganger discovery and removal features as a defence against this.

Don’t just rely on SEGs:

Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) are still often used by businesses to safeguard employees’ email accounts. SEGs, however, find it difficult to recognise phishing assaults, which might compromise the data of your clients. To identify phishing assaults and alert the end-user, think about using brand protection software that is machine learning-based.

Register your patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Any necessary brand elements (names, logos, etc.) and their variations should be registered as soon as possible with the appropriate organizations. You must register your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, for instance, if you live in the United States. Moreover, as soon as feasible after making changes to your brand aspects, update your registrations.

Create a monitoring system

Everyone in the world has access to the internet. There will always be new malevolent parties trying to impersonate you and utilize your brand in some way, therefore it doesn’t matter how well you’ve created preventive measures to secure your brand’s digital assets and intellectual property.

This is why it’s crucial to set up an effective monitoring system that can spot new risks as they emerge. There are various AI-based, machine learning tools that can help you to do this, but the best approach is to partner with digital brand management and revenue recovery agencies to continuously protect your brand from impersonations, counterfeit, piracy, and other forms of brand abuse.

Develop a response strategy.

The problem with trademark abuse is that, by the time you notice an attempt at it, it’s sometimes too late.

With that being stated, it’s vitally crucial to move as quickly as you can to reduce the harm, therefore you’ll need to preemptively build response plans for numerous circumstances that may arise. For various social media sites or platforms, as well as for various impersonation techniques, you can require various response strategies. Again, the safest course of action is normally to deal with a seasoned vendor like ESDS who has the knowledge in identifying and countering online brand impersonations.

What’s your action point?

Now is the time to invest in a top-notch brand protection solution if you are serious about expanding your brand and safeguarding your company from dishonest individuals. If your brand is not properly protected, it will be vulnerable to scammers, copycats, and counterfeiters who want to steal your intellectual property and steal your earnings.

Investing in a brand protection platform that finds and eliminates counterfeiters wherever they may be hiding is the only way to address this problem. With the help of ESDS‘s Brand Protection Platform, you may eliminate bothersome con artists and recoup back any money you may have already lost to them.

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