What is scalable cloud hosting?

When choosing a platform for the hosting of your website, you will want to be assured that your website will be able to access sufficient resources to ensure that it is able to run stable so that no downtime is caused because of a lack of system resources. ESDS Cloud Hosting has been designed to be scalable by providing you with access on-tap to the resources that your virtual machines require; with traditional web hosting plan designs you have had to upgrade to the next available web hosting package if you were running low on one particular resource, whereas with a cloud virtual server you can elect to upgrade the individual resources of your virtual machines as they begin to run low so that you are only ever paying for what you need. It is the ability to upgrade individual resources as your needs dictate that makes cloud web hosting scalable because it means that your web hosting environment can grow with your website and there will never really be any limitations as to the level to which you can scale your cloud virtual machines because resources are so easy to come by in the cloud. When seeking a scalable cloud hosting service you should look for services that use this pay-per-use hosting model because these are often built around a self-scaling cloud model that will provide you with a auto scalable cloud with vertical and horizontal scaling for providing cost effective solution.

How does scalability aid the growth of a website?

As a website grows, it is going to be receiving more and more visitors every month and with this will come an increased load on the server hosting the website because there will be more people doing more things on the website at the same time and as a result of this there will be an increased number of requests for the server to deal with. With a scalable web hosting environment you will be able to grow the resources of your server to match the pace of growth of your website so that you are never having to worry about downtime being caused by a lack of resources; this removes the limitation of other web hosting environments with which you would have to upgrade to a different type of web hosting when you had exhausted all available resources opportunities.

How can cloud hosting aid the growth of a website?

The cloud can aid the growth of a website by providing a dynamic dedicated environment in which you can install the applications and services that you see as necessary for the development of your website that wouldn’t necessarily be available on other web hosting platforms. Cloud virtual machines can take the form of Windows servers and Linux servers so that there is always a platform suitable for all needs; on here you can install whatever you want, such as support for ASP.NET websites or MySQL databases. With the dedicated environment of a virtual server mimicking that of a dedicated server, you can create a secure environment with the use of third-party tools and SSL certificates to prove to your visitors that any information that they enter into your website is going to be kept safe. Finally, the reliability that a cloud server can offer is near 100% guaranteed with most web hosting companies so that your website will always be accessible and to reduce the chances of revenue being lost because your website can’t be accessed.

Auto-Scaling Cloud

One solution for websites that are unable to predict their future traffic loads is auto-scaling because this will assign additional resources to virtual machines for the short term whilst being placed under a load spike or similar situations. You will never be certain of the resources being used on your cloud virtual machines at any point in time unless you are using specialist monitoring software and so it will be helpful for many businesses to have a solution in place that will take care of increasing resources for them; these additional resources will then be returned to the central pool once the load on your cloud VMs resides, but you will still have the option to reassign these resources permanently if you feel that the increased load on your virtual machines is going to be sustained for a long period of time.

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