What is Internet Traffic ?

Novice users do not immediately think about such an important topic which is Internet traffic. They hardly know about this thing because such combination is necessary to pay only for time spent on the Internet, but not for such download.

This is understandable – that it can actually pump up a dial-up with the speed limit. Telephone line is not intended for downloading files-movies, music albums. Even the short songs dial-up pump difficulty, it is not the phone volume.

Another thing – a dedicated line or district network.

When a home user is considered as a dedicated channel Рit immediately goes into several other consumer categories. Because now the consumption of the web is growing in several orders.  What do you think how much download does a simple internet user do, on his computer when the Internet comes through fast local area network with the speed of about two hundred megabytes.

And that if he does not swing movies, is not fond of music in MP3 format (more accurately, the user is not fond of downloading stuff on to the computer from network) and not a big fan of all graphics and video. Two hundred megabytes – the usual thing, and it is all about the most common sites and the most common quantities.

In this case, Internet users already have to think about the fact of such traffic, and most importantly – how much of this traffic is spent. Because the monthly fee service provider usually includes a limited number of like prepaid, or rather free megabytes – it all depends on the tariff plans.

But very often it happens that the user does not just exceed the limit amount, and goes far beyond it. And then the user begins to treat traffic gently, especially figuring in how much does this traffic costs.

Do you think when you place your site on the Internet, you will not think about the traffic? Alas, in this case you have to remember the traffic. First, you should be done with a website and have a hosting package for your website.

If you think that you are not going to get massive traffic for your website and you pay for dedicated server hosting package that is not going to pass on any benefits then you will also need to develop your website, right?

And then you start on working over it, first, work hard, create new content, and besides, try to fill a site with different file contents.
Gradually the size of the site grows, it gains popularity, respectability, increase in attendance and downloads. And then the provider tells you – “Stop!”

This would mean that there is a lot of load on the hosted website, and your page traffic does not fit within the limits of hosting package, for which you pay two hundred to three hundred bucks a month. You have to think about that, or rent a server from your ISP, or just install your own server at your ISP (called colocation hosting). And then the term TRAFFIC confront you with all its inevitability.

Because in this case, there are same problems as like in the case of a dedicated internet network: the monthly fee includes some traffic (it is measured in gigabytes, because it is still on the server, not on your local computer) but as a rule, if free traffic per month is exceeded, you have to pay for it.

Some hosting providers prefer to pre-negotiate at such conditions or collect money for all traffic to avoid disagreements and recriminations.

Then you have a question – why, actually, you have to pay for traffic that uses your site? The users who visit your resource, pay their internet connection provider. And you pay for the traffic that comes from the users computer (on your site).

Then why you must pay for this traffic? It turns out that providers receive double payment – in the sense that the users take the money because they swing the information on your website, and you get the money for something that users pump data from your page. Two times to take money for the same thing – Is it fair? – You ask, and in this holy wrath of pure truth is almost one hundred percent.

Interestingly, such a paradoxical situation has actually occurred:

Providers have the money for the traffic, from users and site owners. Of course, one could say that users only pay for the time spent on web, and the website owner pay to keep their website up and running 24/4/365 days. So should not the creators of sites pay for traffic? I am deeply convinced.


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