Myths About Cloud Services

The image highlights the king of gods, Zeus, and loaded with some clouds in a thunderstorm, apparently, is not? It is more or less how I started this article, noting that the topic cloud computing often suffers a great time and many rays are shot at Cloud Services, even by people who “say” IT specialists, but …. are just myths!

“Cloud is unsafe, if you put your files in the cloud you will not know where in the world they may be, to migrate its internal system for cloud can be a big risk, if the client does not have access to increased resources in real time, cloud is not for real”, and so a lot of nonsense (in my view) that I hear about the technology of cloud computing. Okay, see this is normal in the forums discussion, after all many people say that’s the one (behind the computer) and not really know anything, there is just a non sense commenting and cause discussion, but from the moment I start to hear things like this from people who “say” IT experts, the matter becomes more serious. Experts?! Huh?!

Come on, I will comment only on some of these myths, in short (but giving to understand), but I have to write a book here and the size that would be the article eventually driving out many.

1) Cloud is unsafe because you do not know where in the world are your files, can be in another country and if problems arise you will open an international process.

We put the files of clients in real clouds, and they wander the planet, god knows where they are now! Of course it does not exist, if you subscribe to a free Internet service could perhaps be spread around the world, but anyone who uses an enterprise class application will sign a free service, is it?

We know, yes, exactly where the files of all our customers in cloud are:, in Nashik city, India, within a data center in the central and, more specifically, within the arrays of hard drives.

2) Depending on the case, to put the files in the cloud can be more expensive or cheaper than putting “discs.”

This sentence is correct on the one hand, yes, everything depends on the case and may be more expensive or cheaper place or not a cloud system, but the term “cloud x discs” just boggles the mind of many people on the technology works. Where client files are stored in cloud? As I said above, the arrays of hard drives. And what are hard drives? Discs, disc only, not clouds that wander the planet!

3) Migrate your internal system that only you have access to “the cloud services” is totally insecure, you are vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Whoa, come on! You’re talking about intranet extranet x not? What to do with the technology of cloud? Migrate an internal (intranet) for “the cloud” actually is referring only to migrate to the Internet (extranet), just that! A system hosted on cloud has the same risk of attack than a system hosted on dedicated servers, clustered, shared etc.

4) If the cloud service offered by the company gives access to the client to increase the resources in real time, is not cloud computing the truth?

Why a corporate client will want to stop focusing on business, worry about elasticity, if there is a team that specializes in design at your disposal? It can be a very good role, yes, depending on the customer profile that the company wants to achieve. The technology of cloud computing is basically to have multiple servers working together and forming a large cloud of resources, and automatically migrated to other servers if a server fails. The company that sells will have full access to increase or decrease the resources of each client, making it virtually in real time. Many customers do not care to give anything, just working and want to resolve it gives a problem!

5) What is the difference then put a site or system in cloud?

Basically, stability, resilience and economy. Stability, because as you’re working in an environment that has redundant servers if one fails, another will automatically take over without the customer being affected. Elasticity, because you can increase or decrease the contracted resources quickly, so if you suffer a boom hits, you can quickly upgrade to take the hit. Economy, as the service goes much more into account than to hire dedicated servers for that has clustered redundancy, and often the application does not consume nearly all of the resources of these servers. Have you hired cloud exactly according to your need, without wasting resources, power and space?

If you are thinking of migrating your site or application to cloud, do not be afraid of those things you were talking out there. Like everything else that comes to revolutionize, there are always some people who want to put this innovation down, invent problems and a lot of stuff. Cloud is here to revolutionize, and is already revolutionizing! The sales figures and investment firms are doing for themselves.


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