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How Security Operations Center (SOC) Services Strengthen Cybersecurity with Mass Migration To Cloud Computing?

The onset of Cloud Computing in the technological scheme of things made the phenomenon of Mass Migration of web-based apps, services, and ecosystems in general a thing to look forward to. With the increase in the number of cloud service providers, this migration became more evident for organizations and enterprises.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

The USPs being affordability and accessibility it definitely was and is still changing the priorities for digital ecosystem provisions. For time being though there were several questions raised regarding its functionality and especially its security. Let us try and understand all its aspects before arriving at a conclusion and see if cloud computing is fit for your organization or not.

Mass Migration to Cloud Computing and Storage

Cloud Computing did go through an initial phase of suspicion from organizations and individuals alike. Time though has had its positive say with the significant increase in the number of adoptions, as mentioned in an article titled “The 2021 State of Cloud Adoption”, which states that out of the mid-sized to large-sized enterprises 52% of the software applications being developed are cloud-based.

Mass Migration to Cloud Computing and Storage

This significant rise has majorly been due to the increasing demand for digital ecosystems by various industries post-pandemic. In that reference, the priority to cloud computing was certain due to its ease of administration as the back-end of cloud, like maintenance and setup is taken care of by the cloud computing providers. Another main reason for Migration is to get connected from any place at any time making it affordable and accessible further enhancing the rate of adoption of cloud computing-based services.

Impact on cybersecurity due to mass migration to cloud computing

The scepticism around Cloud Computing as mentioned earlier though has minimized but hasn’t completely vanished. In some instances, it is somewhat valid particularly when it comes to its impact on cyber security. Cloud service providers can leave data of organizations or enterprises unguarded and this vulnerability can cause havoc for any organization. What they miss out on is providing promising safeguards and reports at regular intervals.

Another fear is of the “Zero Day Attacks” as in these instances cloud server providers tend to take more curative measures than the preventive ones, the malware being unknown and comparatively new to the ecosystem can be troublesome. Then we cannot forget the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) which can prohibit multiple clients from accessing their ecosystem for a certain period due to the lack of proper security measures or hardware redundancy.


With all these fear factors wandering around an obvious question arises, “Is there any protective measure to safeguard an organization’s or enterprise’s data on the cloud?”, The answer is a big yes, cloud service providers do provide an array of options like the ESDS Security Operations Center Services providing dedicated and well-curated security solutions ensuring protection against digital and cyber threats.

Benefits of Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Security Operations Center

With all the unrest about the Cloud Computing spectrum and its efficiency for cybersecurity, SOC Services does prove to be that essential secured armor against all the digital and cyber threats. Cloud Service Providers have provisions like the ESDS SOC offering various necessary security services like, the Eagle Eye Services which enables security monitoring that ensures Customer Security Posture Maintenance and reports any such incidents allowing quick mitigation for them.

Then comes the Security InSight Services, which identifies several critical security elements necessary or to be added on to any organization’s environment to fulfill their required security posturing. Then comes the most significant Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) that provides vulnerability assessment at every stage. Pre-assessment, assessment, post-assessment, and rescanning make sure that all the threats are properly eliminated. Along with this ESDS also offers Total Secure Services that comprises Eagle Eye Services along with Proactive Remediation, On-site availability, and Periodically Planned site visits.


All said and done, it is absolutely clear that there are digital and cyber threats that can impact any organization or enterprise data on the cloud. But, with adequate security measures similar to ESDS SOC Services every threat and attack can be nullified within stipulated time and will ensure you a safe and secure environment for your database and platforms.

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