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Government Community Cloud Serves the “Digital India Mission”

The dawn of “Digital Transformation” has marked the wave of technological innovations across the world. Digital Transformation being the key to success, Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi envisioned the “Digital India Mission” to transform the nation into a digitally empowered and knowledge economy. Empowering 125 crore Indian citizens, the “Digital India Mission” aims to create a digital footprint for every individual.

Government Community Cloud - ESDS

Cloud technologies are gaining momentum with the rising need to manage huge volumes of public data generated by digital technologies. Delivering e-governance services at a single place to the public, the government community cloud contributes to Digital India Mission.

Government Community Cloud

The government community cloud serves central and state government organizations delivering dynamic IT governance. The government community cloud secures the confidential data of the Indian government confining it within the Indian geographical borders. Automating the governing services, it has revolutionized the traditional image of government offices with complex IT infrastructure and paperwork to a paperless workplace with digitized services.

Benefits of Government Community Cloud

  1. Scalable IT Infrastructure to manage a huge volume of public data
  2. Business continuity in case of disasters
  3. Heightened security
  4. IT infrastructure satisfying smart city needs
  5. Quick access to government services
  6. The Transition from manual to digitized processes
  7. A complete transparent system
  8. Cost-effective solution
  9. Out of office no longer a barrier

Government Community Cloud Contributes to the “Digital India Mission”

Digital India Mission has accelerated the adoption of Government Community Cloud across the central and state government organizations. Here’s how GCC contributes to Digital India Initiatives

  • Smart City Project

The smart city vision is to enrich the quality of life with meaningful insights from the data collected by interconnected sensors, devices, and people. The smart city project addresses the current urban issues like security, waste management, infrastructure, and traffic delivering improved facilities. The government community cloud offers a smart and connected digital platform for the smart city infrastructure.

Smart city

Delivering an exuberant solution satisfying smart city needs, the GCC delivers all government guidelines to be accessible with a single click. Analyzing the Big data generated by the sensors and mobile devices, GCC offers real-time data to the municipality enhancing the way people live. The potential of GCC combined with IoT to shape Indian cities into smart cities is limitless. Delivering a digital platform to IoT devices, GCC has already accelerated the growth of smart cities with automated parking, home automation, retail outlet automation, and traffic management in some cities.

  • E-Gram Panchayat

The majority of the Indian population belongs to villages where Panchayats represent the face of governance. To shed the traditional image of Panchayat and enhance the quality of governance, the Indian government has initiated e-governance to simply the government operations. Supporting government portals and applications, the GCC delivers all government policies at a single place. It ensures seamless collaboration between the government officials and the villagers. Eliminating the delay due to files traveling to different locations, GCC ensures quick governing services.

  • Indian Railways

The Indian railway network which is governed by the Railway ministry is the largest rail network in Asia. Based on a survey, the railway ministry confirms only 1 million people out of 17 million passengers traveling everyday carry confirm rail tickets. To address these challenges, the railway ministry opted for Government Community Cloud. In the present scenario, the railway ministry maintains all the railway data on the cloud.

Indian railway

The e-tickets with unique QR code for every passenger and verifying tickets with QR scanners, Wi-Fi enabled GPS on each train is all managed by the cloud storage. The system helps to maintain the count of passengers where the status of empty seats gets automatically updated on cloud allotting the vacant seats to passengers based on the first come first serve model.

  • Document Management System

To reduce the challenges involved in carrying the hardcopy of documents, the government of India initiated a cloud-based document management system. The GCC based document management system is much more than a drive where documents are stored in digital format and can be accessed depending on convenience. The system is known as DigiLocker.

Document Management System

The documents are digitally verified and signed by the Indian government with a DigiLocker verification seal.

ESDS Government Community Cloud

Most of the PSU and government clients host their applications on ESDS customized government community cloud because of our double-patented vertical auto-scaling technology. ESDS – The Digital Transformation Catalyst is one of the first companies to have achieved the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) empanelment for delivering technological solutions to government customers in India. ESDS received the ‘Best Smart City Community Cloud Provider’ award for developing and hosting Smart City IT infrastructure providing solutions catering to smart city needs.

Wrap Up

Gaining momentum across the government organizations, the government community cloud offers enhanced governing services contributing to Digital India Mission. The ESDS government community cloud provides an exuberant solution to its government customers ensuring heightened security of their data.

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