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The Digital Transformation no longer remains a buzz word with the technological innovations and integration of cloud solutions in the business world. With the changing phase of the digital economy, the demands of the workforce continue to evolve. In the present scenario, Employees rely on the ability to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. From desktop to applications, they expect a mobile experience for data access. The IT department is under pressure to deliver a seamless working environment but, security and compliance standards become a major concern here. A digital workspace accelerates the digital transformation ensuring secured access to desktop and applications. The industries across the country are incorporating a comprehensive solution comprising of physical and virtual desktops, applications, data, and devices into their workspace.

Practicing pandemic induced social distancing and self-quarantining, work from home becomes a reality today. The IT organizations are embracing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to ensure seamless business operations and uninterrupted remote working environments.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure refers to using virtual desktops or machines ensuring secure access to applications, services, data, and experiences across devices, networks, locations, or operating systems. It is a comprehensive platform, which hosts a desktop environment on a centralized server deploying them to end-user based on request. Transforming the way IT works, VDI shifts the focus from standardization and asset management to user-friendly and cloud-based applications.

VDI comprises of hypervisor segmenting servers into virtual machines hosting virtual desktops, which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. VDI enables the end-user to connect to the virtual instance of their desktop through a software-based gateway acting as an intermediary between the user and the server.

What is ESDS eNlight VDI (eNVDI)?

eNlight VDI is a virtual desktop solution designed by “Made In India” & “Make in India” ESDS – The Digital Transformation Catalyst ensuring a secure remote working environment. Enhancing the digital workspace, eNVDI delivers a single unified workspace to improve productivity.

Why Should You Choose eNVDI?

  • Business Continuity:

Access to Organizational applications and the data is of the utmost importance when it comes to ensuring the smooth working of business operations. Since the applications & data which are very crucial are made available to users on any device over the internet very securely, users can perform their daily operations/activities with ease and help the organization to run the operations smoothly. ESDS eNVDI delivers zero downtime in case of users’ hardware failure. Regular data backup ensures no data loss enabling business continuity even in a remote working environment.

  • Security:

eNVDI delivers heightened security since the data is completely centralized – located at a single location. Minimizing the risk of the virus while downloading files from the internet, eNVDI ensures a highly secure and uninterrupted remote working environment. Data encryption protects the confidential data on the cloud against the thefts.

  • Enhanced Productivity:

eNVDI empowers the employees to work from any place and from any device or internet connectivity. The virtual desktop infrastructure solution ensures team collaboration and task completion since, out of office no longer remains a barrier. The productivity of work is enhanced since the management and maintenance are centralized and admin professionals can focus on other initiatives.

  • Increased Flexibility:

ESDS eNVDI was designed with a view to ensuring a secure remote working environment during this pandemic enforced social distancing and home quarantining. The employees within the organization are no longer chained to their desktops and can access it from anywhere enabling them to work on the go.

  • Zero Downtime:

eNVDI ensures zero downtime in case of hardware failure. Since your desktop is virtually created by copying images and files and then swiftly deployed, hardware failure doesn’t affect your productivity. The VDI solutions ensure the employees work independently of their desktops, so the VDI solution delivers high uptime.

  • Cost-Effective:

Deploying physical desktops comprises of huge hardware cost while the VDI is cost-effective as it does not incur hardware cost. Also, eNVDI offers a pay-as-you-go module which means, you need to pay only for the resources used. It not only saves the hardware cost but also, the cost of energy and maintenance. While the expenses go down, the graph of productivity increases.

Wrap Up

During this pandemic enforced a remote working environment, a Virtual desktop infrastructure solution has not only helped organizations and users to keep the business operations smoothly running but also enhanced the business operation driving the digital transformation journey. ESDS – The Digital Transformation Catalyst designed the VDI solution titled eNVDI to ensure a secure remote working environment.

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