Cloud Computing Is Just A Suggestive Term?

The information technology sector has undergone numerous changes over the past 15 years. Computational systems that occupied large rooms within companies today have laptops and we can do almost anything with a good mobile phone. Even the fax machine, which emerged in the meantime, it is barely remembered by those attending the university. Everything moved very quickly and for the better.

Nowadays, everyone is more poetic, or perhaps smarter. So much so that the term “green IT” took time, though actually it suggests, to some extent, the benefits of responsible and rational use of natural resources. But the most curious, in recent times, is to see a CIO asking about the meaning of “Cloud Services“. After all, if the term has been pronounced by the chief executives of Microsoft, Apple, IBM and Dell, something important lies ahead. Well, this is not always an absolute truth.

The term “cloud computing” has been defined in many ways, indeed even by its author – still unknown. The most plausible explanation is that, unlike that suggestive image of computers flying through the air, it comes to ways of running their base of services ‘in the air‘, using an area already well exploited by mobile operators. The idea is to give someone access to your data or your company’s data without necessarily being physically close. Total Remoting…

If virtualization, which proposes not only the proliferation of servers, but other IT resources such as databases, networks and desktops, has not been fully realized and exploited entirety by most of the companies. Cloud computing will certainly take time to fall into the full understanding and enjoyment.

Moreover, the most common methods used today to protect the virtual environment does not offer exactly the same security guarantees in physical environments. This has required constant improvement, as investment in Data Center to have an automated backup, ready to accelerate the processes of storage and retrieval of information with a low drive, or even virtualization backup.

So before you let your thoughts fly in ‘cloud‘, it is wise to think and invest in a technology infrastructure that is viable and ready to streamline your company’s business.


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