After 10 Years, All IT Networks Will Have A Single Architecture

While most of the major network providers have yet to predict the transition of data centers in the same type, unstructured network in the future, we will need to work on the practical application architecture, which will replace the hierarchical networks.

According to me, the future single-level network, as opposed to the standard three-tier network can best meet the challenges of management and productivity encountered by operators of large IT networks.

In ten years all the new data center will look like a single architecture. Technology pooling, also known as cloud hosting, are the main driver of this restructuring and modern hierarchical architectures cannot cope with their tasks.

If there is an increase in network traffic, the number of servers increases linearly and  the number of switching equipment grows exponentially.

Every time you double the number of storage systems and servers in data center, the number of patch panels increases four times. This means that the complexity of the network will grow exponentially. Today, operators of data centers have to raise the performance and reliability and to improve the quality of services provided. At the same time they need to strive to continuously expand their data centers, while controlling and minimizing costs. All these problems can be solved by radically simplifying the IT network.

This will be one big switch, comprising a plurality of physical devices, each port will be connected to only one port. It will unite all the devices into a single coherent network, that will be managed by the operating system, and a single management interface. The proposed solution is called the Stratus, and will have a modular type expansion.


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