The purpose of a business is to grow customers (internal & external) along with building a great bond for a lifetime


Business has always been about PEOPLE. One of the basic needs every person/customer has is the need to feel exceptional. With this notion, Positive Outcomes is the recipe we love to serve and the language we advocate as a norm. Be it internal or external customers, it is the one thing that competition cannot copy. How can we enhance our customer lifetime relationship?

‘Pay attention, returning customers spend on an average 67% more than new customers.’

I endorse challenging the status quo. There are no traffic congestions on the road to go above and beyond.

Make ‘good’ the enemy of ‘great’, push the envelope to think differently, innovate and create. Take it a notch higher by adding E2 — Effectiveness combined with Efficiency. While technology is a great enabler, it is the People Connect factor that makes those lasting moments and interactions effective. So here are a few mantras I believe are effective and powerful ways to gauge the human element in order to strengthen customer relationships:

  1. Scaling from Smart to Smarter: Go beyond the expected. The arena of creativity is limitless and we provide the platform to explore, discover, invent and reinvent. By creating an ecosystem that allows one to expand their horizon we encourage people to go beyond being chair warmers and take the calculated risk at a big project or pitch an idea at a meeting.
  1. Empowering People: We are committed to empowering people to hone their talent, muster their passion and learn and take risks. Conversations and empowerment is known to have brought in seven times more value to customer relationship. It is an easy route to become employee champions.
  1. Beyond Technology: Customers and prospects don’t want to have interactions with automated machines. They always want interactions that go the extra mile. While being the torch-bearer of exuberant customer advocacy, we create a family-like culture where we have always kept a personal tone to everything we do.
  1. Success Formula/USPs: Accelerating with word of mouth. Mckinsey reports that 2/3rd of the world’s economy runs on word of mouth, currently valued 50% higher than in the 90’s.

Chief Relationship Brand Ambassador

If you want people to believe, start with self-belief and turn it into ‘world believes’. Relations sail the lifelong ship when your most valuable asset speaks the same language about growing and strengthening connections with exuberance.

Being a people-centric firm it is important to Engage, Empower and Catalyze your advocates by channelizing your energies for the greater good because people and customer relationships are the engines of any company’s mechanism but it does nothing for you without putting these acumens into action.

Komal Somani

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