Features And Advantages Of Document Management System

The main purpose of a Document Management system is to add a Computing Platform for documentation of an institution in a structured and organized way, allowing greater efficiency and effectiveness of work resulting from that documentation.

A document management system is usually associated with the implementation of work processes (workflows).

It is especially aimed at entities that work with large quantities of documents, which aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work processes.

Key Features Of A Document Management System

A Document Management System is a solution that organize the files and let you access the documents in electronic format. In this sense, it is usually associated with file management and document scanning processes – phase of dematerialisation of documents.

Adding to the whole process of dematerialisation of documents with the physical origin, a Document Management System also allows the inclusion of unstructured documentation of an organization (fax, email, etc..), Thus allowing an aggregation of these two sources of documents.

Normally Documental Management systems include powerful search engines, as well as management and permissions management processes and robust flexibility.

Main Advantages Of Using A Document Management System’s:

Allows reducing the cost of copy number, increased productivity in the search, the re-routing of documents and reduce the file space;
Integrated Management Information is obtained from the consolidation of transparent electronic documents and documents originating on paper;
Standardization of processes of re-approval, archiving and disposal of documents originating on paper;
Scanning of documents;
Decentralization of physical space, ie, documents and processes are always available, regardless of where and how the user accesses the application, access to these documents is done through a simple Web browser;
Formation of a backup that allows easy retrieval of documents if there is a fire or flood in a physical file;

The document management solutions have mechanisms for access control and security to protect your documents from unauthorized access.


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