Hosted SAP on Cloud

The growing number of companies running SAP for their operations was the reason why a Hosted SAP model was invented by the techies. Nowadays, almost every Medium & Large enterprise is aiming for the SAP for their internal processes streamlining, reason being it is one of the top enterprise resource planning application systems and management provider. For deploying a SAP ERP, one needs to elect a highly secure & stable hosting architecture which will help them to decode their technical challenges in the form of solution. It’s quite a pain for the organisations to worry about expensive maintenance of server hardware and setting up the team of best SAP experts who will take care of the set-ups, installations, health-checks, back-ups, upgrades & so on. Expensive & stressful thing, isn’t it?  To help companies avoid these concerns, various players have started offering a complete reliable, secure & highly compatible SAP hosting solution. A managed Data center facility can make a difference- by availing products for these companies to plot ahead, offering a gamut of services along with the 24 x 7 support to make sure that the systems are working fine round the clock. To be precise, it encompasses all the technical layers of a Hosted SAP solution.


 A typical Hosted SAP consists of 3 layers of the Cloud:

  • Infrastructure which includes Servers, Storage & Networking.
  • Software as a Service which comprises the Application software.
  • Consumption that involves the Use of application- no matter what is the location of the application & what is the access technology.

Hosted SAP Model can be implemented on various platforms, depending upon the organisation’s technical & financial preference. It can be hosted on a dedicated server, public cloud, private cloud etc. A dedicated server was typically considered by most of the companies in past as they believed that the physical server itself is fully available for their operations, however when it comes to a secured infrastructure a Cloud hosting solution is given more importance. Cloud is favored due to its scalable solutions that grow with your business, as you only pay for what you need and can leverage vertical and horizontal scaling features. Many users assume that a Private cloud is something which is based on a highly isolated network & utmost security & thus it is worth spending a huge sum for hosting a SAP on Private cloud. But this is not entirely true; a public cloud can also be called an isolated network till an extent, it can also offer similar features if the requirements are well composed & executed. It is said that 44% of enterprises consider private clouds for hosting their SAPs. By believing a Cloud technology, 5% expenses can be reduced which result an increase in net income for the organisations.

While selecting a Cloud provider who offers a Hosted SAP model, it should be taken care that the SAP / ERP solution is compliant with the SAP Adaptive Computing Controller (ACC). The server architecture should be based on SAP Net Weaver and fully integrated with SAP ACC that provides a standardized virtualization layer. It must include the Disaster tolerant efficiency & multiple options that will help the operators select one which correspond their requirements. Apart from all the above pre-requisites, the most significant thing is to make sure that the Cloud provider is ‘SAP Certified in Cloud Services’.

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