Contribution of Cloud towards Digital India

Contribution of Cloud towards Digital India

Contribution of Cloud towards Digital India


It’s been just a month for Digital India week that was announced by Narendra Modi and then this Independence Day of India he again spoke about Digital India and its headway with emergence of digital connectivity all over India, employment opportunities, agricultural improvements, Make in India, etc. Many noteworthy steps have already been taken for getting towards Digital India and many further schemes have been queued already.

Digital Locker, by now most of us is aware of it, aren’t we? Storing of important files and authenticate them online using Aadhaar card number, this is the initiative taken by government under e-Governance, Digital locker system is based on Cloud technology unmistakably, and I am so sure that other many other schemes that has been formulated under Digital India, Cloud is going to play a key role in it.

Vision ‘Digital India’

15 point vision of Narendra Modi for Digital India includes Digital Locker System as mentioned, High speed Digital Highways uniting Nation, Open and transparent Government with e-Governance, enabling Real time information for everyone, Mobile enabled services, e-banking, eSign, e-commerce driving entrepreneurship, etc. all in all everything related with huge data that can be accessed readily and provides services to the complete Nation.

This information drives me to mention, where there is data there is Cloud! Yes! We have seen before many advantages of Cloud in many diverse fields. One that is obvious to strike is contribution of cloud is going to increase in the phase of development of Digital India. It is expected that Cloud market will reach $3 billion by next year in India, according to the recent report by Gartner. SMBs are adopting Cloud very swiftly knowing its assistances, it is predicted that if all SMBs in India are adopting Cloud computing, Market will reach upto $56 billion, with 1.1 million jobs in future.

Cloud advantages are well known by now and documented, question is how cloud computing will enable job opportunities in India? Well it is estimated that by this year 2 million jobs will be created by cloud. Cloud enables mobility and in any digital evolution mobility is important to enable ease of handling, hence again another Cloud factor that contributes in Digital India. Around 4.5 lakh crore has been invested by Indian Businessmen with 18 lakh career opportunities by next lustrum.

Mobile app revolution is the another element associated with Cloud and digitization, government has started MyGov under Deity (Department of electronics and Information technology), online registration, Swaccha bharat mission mobile app and many such edges that could make a data available below our hand.


India is heading towards becoming a Global digital hub; many new government schemes like mission Digital India have been initiated to achieve paramount goals that have been set for country India. Cloud in India has immensely contributed and will contribute further in this journey. This is evolving simple things towards digitization driving huge positive change in the country; it has made available many career opportunities and helped many SMBs and startups too. This Nationwide campaign along with Cloud computing services will assuredly be a revolution.

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