Aspects Of Cloud Computing Strategy

Important aspects need to be included into cloud computing strategy are diversification and Redundancy. As while transferring data on the net, it is required to extend both data and applications along with different providers. This is because in case of small business, all applications can be disturbed if any vendor locks out all these. So as a preventive measure it’s always essential to select different vendors for different data and applications, which is known as “diversification”.

As we know that to be positioned up, building redundancy is very essential for any business. Provision of a nice backup facility in any business, helps in achieving redundancy.

A domain name is always required.

As per the requirement of a domain name for branding, smart strategy includes DNS provider as an intermediary between the domain registrar and hosting provider. Such a service where DNS can be made easy, helps to cope with the DNS as well as makes a proper DNS ready in case of a failure. Thus, the DNS of a business domain can be controlled entirely by means of such a deal.

In case of locking out, either the strategy of failing over of DNS can be managed or DNS server can be changed manually. Also here, the business owner could receive emails constantly and easily by shifting the MX records to a new provider by means of a smaller TTL value of MX records and main website record, simply by ensuring a broadcasting of DNS records within very less time.


In the Domain Name System, a resource record specifying a mail server is called A mail exchanger record (MX record) which handles email messages on behalf of a recipient’s domain.

Routing of email by means of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is specified by the set of MX records of a domain name only.

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