Why CIOs are still inclined to ITIL to align IT with Business?

Summary: DCIM tools or you can say software and hardware management has become trending hot topics in the market of data centers. And simultaneously are these infrastructure management tools compliant with standards set by ITIL is also increasingly a major part of the discussion point among many CIOs of the industry. Does eMagic DCIM complies… Read More »

What is NetFlow Analyzer in eMagic?

Presentation: First, we will see what exactly NetFlow Analyzer is – it is a network protocol that helps us to monitor bandwidth. This protocol quickly helps us to isolate threats like worms or virus that attacks on the infrastructure. It also allows resolving network related problems quickly and provides a chance to better plan our… Read More »

Heterogeneous Hypervisor Management with eMagic

Presentation Management of various hypervisors could be a time-consuming challenge. So here, we will explore the answers to common questions of Heterogeneous hypervisor management. Today, the heterogeneous hypervisor environment has become a widely adopted practice among IT departments of large and medium sized companies. To tackle the trickiest problems of integrated multiple hypervisor management, companies… Read More »