The Future of Hybrid cloud

Numerous organizations have promptly acknowledged the cloud as the route forward. Organizations as of now having a private or public cloud solution(s) have begun to understand the significance of having the best of both worlds. Not just, would they like to spare expenses through pay-as-you-go estimating models (public cloud), yet they additionally need a higher… Read More »

Olympics and Cloud – A crucial paradigm shift

The cloud computing technology in Rio Olympics 2016 is improving the sports experience for spectators, media and athletes from across the Globe. International IT services provider Atos confirmed that Canopy, a platform as a service cloud (PaaS) offering, will provide the stage for the ‘Games’ to move to the cloud. Atos is a crucial IT… Read More »

Cloud Computing Aspects

Cloud computing is a very vast concept and has seen a major growth in past 5 years and there are many aspects which still need to be analysed and has a scope of research and development. Enlisted are the few aspects Security Cloud security issues and the risks of cloud computing are not well understood… Read More »

Technology : A Game Changer in Rio Olympics 2016!

In this Olympic season world will see the most innovative technology is been used in Games. From sensors that allow fans to monitor athletes’ heart rates in real time, to lap counters at the bottom of swimming lanes. Also an innovative cloud technology will be used for player’s medical care as well. What’s even more… Read More »

Are Small and Medium Businesses Now Riding The Cloud?

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the Internet, and it offers many potential benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Implementing information technology solutions and platforms can be complex and costly for SMEs. Cloud computing can help ease this burden by enabling SMEs to access services that they might not have the… Read More »

How IoT is changing our World?

The Internet of Things has changed the dimensions of traditional Business IT. To tap the potential need for a highly scalable and reliable IT Infrastructure, they should be on standardized components and open protocols and include the three layer Devices, Controllers and Data Center or the Cloud solutions. The Internet of Things connected all of… Read More »

Big value for Big Data in Oil and Gas Industry!

Big data is emerging technology in oil and gas industry. In oil and gas industry, drilling, exploration, maintenance, production all these activities produces very vast amount of data. Until recently it has been too vast to process efficiently. Also these industries are facing major challenges, the costs of extraction are rising and the turbulent state… Read More »