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What is managed hosting ?


This is a type of internet hosting service in which the server is leased by a client not on shared basis but  the server is dedicated server allotted to them. This can be also said as managed dedicated server hosting or dedicated hosting. This hosting is much more flexible than shared hosting as it provides full control and security over the server.

Basically dedicated server hosting consists of two types of hosting services (1) Managed dedicated server hosting and (2) Unmanaged dedicated server hosting. These two are in many ways similar to each and other but also they differ in some ways. As opposed to unmanaged hosting, managed hosting is exactly what it says, managed. The hosting provider makes sure that everything works as it should, also when it comes to the software.

Managed dedicated servers are known for its best services associated with them by the web hosting providers. This hosting actually is preferable for the benefits like security and high performance. Generally,  Managed hosting will be a smooth ride for you as you won’t have to be a hosting expert when working with your site. The hosting provider is responsible for everything from software to equipment. The only thing you will have to be in charge of is the customer-specific application.


What comes under managed services?

Generally managed web hosting servers are available on both the platforms to say: Linux & Windows and the users have full control over the resources of the server or on the server itself. This type of hosting services are opted by the people who doesn’t have much time to invest on managing their IT infrastructure and doesn’t want to put their time on work force to manage their servers, in a sense managed hosting servers are the best options for hassle free services in which the hosting providers will manage the server administration as an add-on services.

Dedicated servers has proved itself to be most redundant and secured solution basically for large businesses having a huge requirements of internet resources to be utilized. Dedicated web servers are generally or most often housed in data centers which provides redundant power sources & HVAC system. Managed dedicated servers is the feasible solution for those who has spent less overhead and can get larger returns on the investments. Dedicated hosting has long been an option for companies whose web presence is such that they can’t put their web site on a shared hosting plan without someone taking a big hit. Maybe their web site is really huge, with lots of interactive elements; or perhaps they get a lot of traffic, especially e-commerce. There might be any number of reasons a company needs a dedicated server.

Managed dedicated servers provide users with good bandwidth, space, security and reliability of being stable with the resources. With this hosting plan user has the servers with them and they have full liberty to operate the server as per their wish and wants, in a way have full control over it. Managed hosting sprang up as an additional option for companies with a strong enough online presence to require a dedicated server. With managed hosting, most of the server administration is handled by the web host rather than the company that owns the dedicated server.

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