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Vaishnavi is an Engineer and a blogger with an acute inclination to technology, especially the computing technologies. At ESDS, she explores cases of PaaS and related technologies and gives consultation by means of blogs. Connect with her over Twitter and Facebook.

Why Small and Big Businesses should urge for ERP/SAP, in Cloud

ERP/SAP Small and Medium businesses are budding its reach in India and with growing business comes need of proficient management to gain complete productivity and profit. To be in a competitive business means to carry smartness, smart tolls, skills, passion, to achieve these Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is now adopted by many small and big… Read More »


Corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling with eNlight cloud!

Corporate features and benefits of vertical scaling with eNlight cloud! Cloud assists with auto scalability feature. Scalability in simple words is an ability of a system or a component, with which it can easily modify itself to attain solutions for some issues, like to maintain the system performance, by scaling automatically in increasing traffic and… Read More »


Cloud computing: A broader perspective!

Cloud computing In my last blog, we saw various definitions of Cloud computing, along with conclusive definition as per me. This content will give you a broader perspective of Cloud computing. Cloud computing as briefed is a computing paradigm with virtual network of remote servers allowing users to store, process and access data; providing on-demand… Read More »


7 Definitions of Cloud Computing!

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing as a definition remains very controversial. When asked define cloud computing, definition is stated liable to a particular application with no unanimous definition, making it altogether vague. Let’s see below few definitions of Cloud computing to get a hint of it: 1)  The practice of using a network of… Read More »


Opportunities and Challenges involved in Cloud Computing!

Pitch of cloud has been lately evolved to peaks. In coming years, cloud will acquire entirely new aspect. According to the Google trends, searches for ‘CLOUD’ are growing. Even though, in some business environments, comprehensive awareness about Cloud computing is mislaid. Cloud can be adopted by any size of businesses. Although, it has certain challenges… Read More »



There won’t be any soul in IT zone, which has not caught up anything allied with clouds. What is cloud? I am sure all of us, who heard very first about clouds (not the one, which we get, showers from) would have asked this question, isn’t it? Let me brief you about cloud/ cloud technology/… Read More »


Virtualization – An Environmental Asset!

Virtualization In this age of rapid upgradation and the need for progression, electronic devices are easily prone to get outdated. This results in sums of e-waste. World’s e-waste is anticipated to grow 33% by 2017 according to the global reports. Accumulation of e-waste prompts to resource shortage and environmental contamination, making it a disquiet to… Read More »