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Vaishnavi is an Engineer and a blogger with an acute inclination to technology, especially the computing technologies. At ESDS, she explores cases of PaaS and related technologies and gives consultation by means of blogs. Connect with her over Twitter and Facebook.

Optimized WAN and Cloud-Gauging the impact on Performance

Optimized WAN and Cloud-Gauging the impact on Performance WAN Optimization is as such, quite hoary technique utilized in many areas of communications to gain efficiency in data flow and it has been fruitfully providing expected outcomes. According to Gartner’s prediction WAN optimization market in 2015 is expected to be a $1.1 billion market. We lately… Read More »


Cloud computing is changing the world?

Cloud computing Though we have reached a phase where cloud computing has evolved in diverse fields of applications, we are still way far from the time when, you can say, you will order your food on cloud! Cloud computing is impacting the world very swiftly but positively; every other week new launch with cloud technology… Read More »