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IaaS: Self-Service Infrastructure

To maintain the technology infrastructure at home is a decision being reconsidered by the companies, particularly small and medium-sized. Apparently, the computing power is no longer attached to a box, and has jumped into the clouds. The investment in solutions for the data center is high and pay per use is very attractive. This is… Read More »


2012: Cloud is a Reality

The topic cloud computing, still demands a lot of debate and conflicting opinions, it is already becoming reality. Every day we see the ecosystem built around cloud computing and to consolidate, more and more success stories are published. I will not quote statistics and forecasts that always come from industry analysts, who provide these stats… Read More »


Cloud Computing For All

The term “cloud computing solutions” has been widely discussed by market researchers and trends in information technology. For many, it means a new technology or even architecture for the consumption of services over the internet. But its significance is much broader, and is not restricted to the use of technology, software, hardware or platform. When… Read More »


Cloud Classification

In meteorology there is a detailed classification of clouds, numbering at least 12 species. IT professionals do not lag behind in this regard- they can conventionally distinguish several categories of “cloud services“.  It should be noted that the conventional classification generates a certain amount of confusion in concepts, so it’s important to give at least… Read More »


Public Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In the past, IT managers and IT staff had similar priorities and objectives. They needed to streamline internal operations of companies with systems enterprise resource planning at the enterprise level. They needed to increase employee productivity by introducing wireless access to the commercial units within the office, as well as develop and implement new technologies… Read More »