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Digital India Through Smart Technology

Smart Technology The Government of India took a bold step by launching Digital India campaign on 1 July 2015. The main motto of this launch was to improve the online infrastructure by increasing internet connectivity and making country digitally empowered with technology. Digitization refers to the development, operation, and maintenance of the background technological environment… Read More »


Data Centers and SEO Strategies

There are many global web hosting companies that provide good web services for the small and big companies. But to market the products and services in a better way, and to have control not only on their web servers placed in the data centers but also to rank better in the – specific search results,… Read More »


Cloud As a Business Structure

The adoption of cloud computing has started to accelerate worldwide. But the first experience indicate that a complete replacement of the traditional model for cloud computing services will not happen soon. On the other hand the initial reasons that encourage the adoption of cloud, such as cost reduction, begins to be replaced by the agility… Read More »


The Tips On Disaster Recovery

Today, we will discuss about the criteria that managers of a company should consider to make sourcing decisions effective for disaster recovery. Basic Considerations Continuous pressures of senior management to improve the promptness of the recovery in times of tight budgets are forcing many companies to evaluate all the alternatives of data center services to… Read More »


Factors To Consider When Choosing Data Center

When we purchase a product or service that requires a significant investment, it is essential to know in depth the characteristics or properties, if you have a product, and the advantages and security provided if a service. When it comes to data center, there are multiple factors to consider: First large data storage capacity. Not… Read More »


Estimating the Value of Cloud Services

In a business world that does not forgive inefficiencies, the concept of value for the business becomes increasingly important and decisive in making executive decisions. Analyze the adoption of a technology or computer concept like cloud computing services, involves assessing their real value to the organization, whatever the valuation models, such as ROI (return on… Read More »