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Beyond Virtualization: The problems with Data Centers

If we had said this a few years ago, it might not be so believable, but virtualization technology has become widespread, almost essential in many contexts. I believe that automation of systems is essential today, more with the servers that provide cloud computing services: the number of machines in data centers continues to increase, so… Read More »


About Data Center

Data Processing Center – a building or part thereof, the primary function of which is the placement of equipment handling and storage of information, as well as engineering controls to keep its job. History Task of processing information were resolved at different times by different technical means. In XX century the electronic computing devices took… Read More »


Introduction To SAP (Systems Applications and Products)

The phenomenon of globalization has been analyzed under the most different perspectives, but the consensus among all the opportunities created by technological advances in communications and information technology are the key factors that allow the occurrence of a breakthrough as significant as the interaction between individual and organizations around the world. The remarkable technical progress… Read More »


Five Stages That Move e-Commerce SEO

Search engines are characterized far more effective when you want to find something on the web. Knowing this, we created the digital marketing activity, known as SEO (search engine optimization) or optimization for search engines. And this action is the dissemination of the company through keywords, which are sought by potential customers and listed by… Read More »


Things To Consider While Negotiating For Cloud Services

Cloud services are very serious alternative to traditional models of access to IT, and their popularity among companies is growing rapidly. The advantages of such services may be to reduce overall costs, increase scalability, quick to provide solutions and simplifying management. On the other hand, to entrust the key components of technology to another company,… Read More »


Types Of Hidden Costs For Public Cloud

Public clouds become revolutionary innovation in IT which is not just for small and medium-sized businesses. At the moment, most companies are experimenting with public clouds as a resource for development and testing or for production applications with low requirements for security, protection of personal data and service levels. It is believed that large companies… Read More »