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The Advantages Of A Public Cloud Computing

I’ve been following cloud computing for some time and every day I see that it is accelerating the ripening process and trying to understand its concept and technologies. Today it is clear that, in its various forms, cloud computing has the potential to significantly change the way IT operates, and manages and allocates its budget,… Read More »


Management Of Public Cloud

There are many definitions of public clouds, but in essence we are talking about approach, in which IT is not placed on your site, and users connect through a network of infrastructure that is not yours. We can distinguish cloud services in three models. “Software as a service” (SaaS): This model is as old as… Read More »


IT Infrastructure in 2011

The Path To Efficiency Is Through The “Cloud Computing” Economic turmoil in 2008 led many companies to restructure their costs and focus on a more rational use of resources. Primarily, the companies began to reduce funding of non-core activities, which are often among the maintenance and development of its IT infrastructure. This wave came into… Read More »