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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a buzzword in recent times as it is proving its mettle in various industries, especially manufacturing ones.

Why choosing Public Cloud will never go out of fashion…

What does a Public Cloud mean? Public Cloud is the most recognized models of cloud computing by the consumers. Here, cloud services are provided in a virtualized environment, applications or storage is made available to the general public and services can be on pay per consume model offered by the service provider. Private and Hybrid… Read More »


Guaranteed Seamless Migration from any cloud to ESDS

Seamless Migration from any cloud to ESDS Seamless Migration is the process of moving user’s server data and configuration from virtual machines to virtual machines and servers to servers across Data centers by Cloud service providers. Enterprises can accelerate their cloud migration journey with eNlight Cloud as it not only integrates with legacy systems and… Read More »


The Shift in Cloud Scalability

eNlight Cloud’s Vertical Autoscaling is bringing about a Great Shift in cloud scalability!   If you google search the term ‘cloud’ you shall get fewer number of links to natural clouds in your search results. Technology evolves from the necessity of finding better solutions to problems, and the shift from traditional IT to Cloud has… Read More »


Cloud eNlightenment – an eye opener

Cloud computing is experiencing phenomenal growth all over the world and the CIO fraternity is forced to adopt a “Cloud first” policy, but before you scroll down, I would like to ask you 2 basic questions :- Do you believe that majority of the CIO’s have some serious pressure from their top management or their… Read More »


USPTO patent for our eNlight Cloud platform doubles the Diwali Celebrations at ESDS

USPTO patent for our eNlight Cloud platform 3rd November 2015, we got USPTO patent for our eNlight Cloud platform. The patent is titled “Method and system for real time detection of resource requirement and automatic adjustments” bearing the patent No. 9176788 ( Ref :- ). Simplified meaning of this patent is “Real time adjustment… Read More »


Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

Over the past two decades India has emerged as a software services provider and is still evolving. All the businesses require to store or maintain their data to make business decisions. As per increasing business needs the stored data should be accessible anywhere at all the times to make smart business decisions. Hence the data… Read More »


What are the main differences between the shared cloud and a private cloud?

The shared cloud is designed to provide individuals and small businesses that have fairly simple requirements with an affordable way in which they can enter the cloud. With the shared cloud you can specify the resources of your individual virtual machines so that each VM is designed to meet its usage precisely; the eNlight platform… Read More »